What makes a city great? Many will argue that it’s hard to determine what are the exact parameters to establish that, but we are going to use our extensive traveling background and try to specify why Tel Aviv should be in one list with the top rated cities in the world.

tel aviv beach

Sunny Tel Aviv

Weather –
Being located in the middle east has its downsides (many conflicts for example), but it also means that the sun is shining, a lot. While people freeze in Europe and North America, Israeli people can lay on the beach and work on their tan. This is great for outdoor activities and also for the general mood.
Other cities to compare with: Medellin, Bangkok.

The best Hummus in Tel Aviv


Food –
The population of Israel is made up of 85% Jews, 10% Arabs and 5% other minorities. The Jewish people in Israel origin from Europe, North African countries and Arabic countries in the region, each group bringing its own culture and food. Add to that the developed, local middle eastern cuisine and the Mediterranean influences and you get a unique fusion of tastes and flavors like in no other place in the world. In Tel Aviv you can find Morrocan, Yemenite, Egyptian restaurants alongside modern Italian food, trendy burger spots and local middle eastern cuisine, all mixed together into an orgy of tastes.
Other cities in the world to compare with: London, New York.

party tel aviv

Nightlife in Tel Aviv

Nightlife –
It is already a well-known fact that Tel Aviv is a party city with many bars and clubs. The thing that separates Tel Aviv from other big cities is the diversity and fact that you can find the right party for everyone. If it’s hip-hop, house, jazz or electro, Tel Aviv has it all.
Another major aspect is the frequency. In almost every big city in the world, the weekend is busy with bars and clubs full of people. In Tel Aviv, the party never stops and there are great events all week long. As a matter of fact, that is the time the local Tel Avivians like to go out at.
Other cities to compare with: Berlin

graffiti tel aviv

Street art Tel Aviv

Culture –
The municipality of Tel Aviv offers many free events during the year such as exhibitions, lectures, concerts, parties and sports events. In addition, in recent years a new trend of lectures in bars has become very popular and it’s possible to hear scientists, politicians, journalists and entrepreneurs talking about anything from regional politics to genetic research. An important event worth mentioning is the “White Night” in which many stores are open all night long and the city offers many free events around the city.
Other cities to compare with: Paris, Buenos Aires


Tel Aviv

Size –
“Tel Aviv is a big city that feels small. It’s not as massive and intimidating as other big cities in the world and you can get anywhere by foot.”, says Kristina from Germany.
Even though a new tram is under construction, its very easy to get around in other means of transportation such as e-bikes, bicycle, walking or other conventional public transportation. The city also has a car-sharing service called “Auto Tel”. The fact that the city is not that spread out also present many options of accommodations like stylish boutique hotels, fun hostels or Airbnb apartments that will help you feel the local vibe (check out the best Airbnb deals here:  https://www.alltherooms.com/blog/airbnb-tel-aviv/) other cities to compare with: Krakow.

gay in Tel aviv

Pride parade

People –
Tel Aviv is the most liberal city in the middle east. Even in Israel, which religion is an essential part of the country’s essence, Tel Aviv stands as an island of social, political and cultural acceptance. The average age of the residents of Tel Aviv is 36 so you tend to see many young people in the streets. In addition, Tel Aviv is one of the LGBT capitals of the world, voted by “National Geographic” magazine as the second “Gay-friendly” city in the world, after San Francisco.
Other cities to compare with: San Francisco, Berlin, Amsterdam.

Beach of tel aviv

Tel Aviv beach

Beach –
About 10-15 min walk from almost every part of the city awaits the Mediterranean sea. A swim in the dark blue water or just lying on the soft sandy beaches is a great way to relax and forget the busy, big city lifestyle. Some will say that the beach is the reason for the laid-back mentality of the local people. Other cities to compare with: Sao Paolo, Barcelona

In conclusion, if you are looking for a city that has almost everything a tourist could look for in a holiday, book your ticket to Tel Aviv. We promise it is not going to be your last time here.