Things are changing in the city. If you wanted to explore the best nightlife in Tel Aviv a few years ago all the arrows would have pointed to Dizzingoff street, the port of Tel Aviv or Rothschild blvd.
Even though we can still say for certain that a lot is still happening in those areas, It’s also safe to say that the nightlife scene has shifted to some unexpected directions (Hint: south).

Check out these NEW and exciting nightlife streets in Tel Aviv, where all the cool stuff is happening.

Nightlife in Tel Aviv

Dalida in Zevulun st

Zevulun street –
A small, almost hidden street crossing the famous Levinsky market in the south of Tel Aviv.
If you just happened to be in the neighborhood, you might see another typical residential street but a closer look will make you realize that you just stumbled upon one of the most up and coming nightlife areas in Tel Aviv.
Besides some older places like the lovely “Dalida” restaurant (and it’s famous bar across the street) and “Ozeria” with it’s great food and selection of Anis drinks, you can also find now classy bars like the “Jonz” and even the newly opened “Bitter” bar.

You can always combine some food in Levinsky market or a walk along the amazing Railway park.

Nightlife in Tel Aviv

Peacockbar in Marmorek

Marmorek Street –
Marmorek Street is located just across from Habima National Theater and the famous Habima Square and while it’s not a Long Street it became a real nightlife attraction with a series of bars following one another.

On the corner with Rothschild Boulevard you can find, just next to the “Milgo&Milbar” restaurant, a branch of the famous “Beer Bazaar” with a variety of local beers. Right next to it there’s a huge bar called “Rubina” followed by “Gazetta”, the famous “Peacock” and the latest addition to the street: the “Mini bar”.

Nightlife in Tel Aviv

A.K.A. in Nahalat Binyamin

Nahalat Binyamin street –
Unlike the two other selections we made, Nahalat Binyamin street is a very Central and well known street but, since the city decided to make it a pedestrian street on the evenings, it really exploded and is now the number 1 nightlife street in Tel Aviv!

If you’ll walk (on the road of course), along this street that connects the Carmel market and Alenby st to the southern part of the city, you will see dozens of places. From small and intimate wine bars, to buzzing cocktail bars, pizzerias, restaurants and just a lot of life. It’s impossible to mention all the good spots on that street so let’s just say it’s worth visiting the “A.K.A”, “Bicicletta”, the “Prince” and many others.

Nightlife in Tel Aviv

Vivian Cocktail shop in Simtat Hashuk

Simtat Hashuk (Market Ally) –
In Simtat Hashuk you have everything you need for a great night out in Tel aviv. One of the best pizza places is there (“Pizza Lila”) and just beside it, Vivian’s famous cocktail shop.
You can also find some awesome bars like the “Mondo 2000” which is open on the weekends and the California bar with one of the best secret rooms in town .

We are going back to the same neighborhood as Zevulun Street so you can also combine the night with a visit to the Levinsky market or party in Teder FM.

Nightlife in Tel Aviv

Kuli Alma in Mikve Israel

Mikve Israel street –
Parallel to Rothschild blvd, this recently renovated street is a nightlife jewel. Besides hosting some of Tel Aviv’s most famous dance bars like “Kuli Alma” and “Bavel”, it’s also a great place to hangout in during the day with a verity of cute coffee shops, second hand shops, bakeries and restaurants.