There are many cool events happening in Tel-Aviv during the year, but the “White Night” (Laila Lavan), is definitely one of the more special ones.
On the 29th of June, the city will put on its festive face (even more than usual), and things are going to get wild. Shops are going to be open all night long and offer special deals, museums are going to be open and free of charge, the streets are going to be packed with live musicians and dance shows and of course, some of the best parties of the year are the ones on “White Night”.
Here is a list of some recommended ones.

parties for white night

Oshri Cohen

– Happiness in Tailor Made:
One of the most beautiful bars in Tel-Aviv, the Tailor Made, is celebrating it’s 6 year anniversary host with celebrity DJ Oshri Cohen and friends, along with a special summer drink menu.
Where: Alenby 99

parties for white night


– Alphabet:
One of the best electronic  music clubs in Tel-Aviv is going “all in” this year with a crazy lineup of DJ’s. Along with the internationally acclaimed due “Red Axes” the lineup includes local legend Uriah Klepter and a few more formidable names that will play untill the sun is long shining.
Where: Ehad Ha’am 54

parties for white night

TLVnights pub crawl

– TLVnights special White Night pub crawl:
Like every year, TLVnights pub crawl brings locals and tourists from around the world for a memorable experience. The night starts with a rooftop party in Hayarkon 48 hostel and continues to 3 more White Night parties.
Where: Hayarkon 48 hostel

best parties for white night

Earphone party

– Earphone party in Rabin Square:
The annual earphone party in Rabin Square is always a fun event and this year it promises to be even better with a great lineup of DJ’s. The party starts at 20:00 and will be broadcasted live on 102FM radio station. You can bring your own set of earphones or rent a pair on the spot.
Where: Rabin square

best parties for white night


– Tepale Greek Tavern party:
The Tepale is one of the happiest bars in Tel-Aviv and boosts a great Middle- Eastern vibe. With authentic local music and special drinks, you are bound to have an awesome local experience.
For White Night, the Tepale is going to change into a Greek Tavern with a live Bouzouki player and a lot of plate braking.
Where: Shlomo Ha-Melekh 2

best parties for white night

Zoozoo white night

– Street party in Zoozoo:

Whenever there is a special celebration in Tel-Aviv, the Zoozoo is the place to be in. With great view to Rothschild Blvd you can party with dozens of other party people in a crazy street party or dance on the bar inside.

Where: Rothschild Blvd 32

Enjoy your night!