Tel Aviv is constantly changing with new places opening and closing on a weekly basis. If we assume that this year will not be the end of the world and you want to know where are the hottest spots to wine, dine and party will be, check out our recommendations for the most exciting bars in Tel Aviv for 2023.

the best bars in Tel Aviv


Rumiyah Wine Garden –
From the people who brought one of the most delicious pita places in Tel Aviv (Panda Pita), now comes a new secret wine bar. Rumiyah is the newest addition to the wave of cool spots that opened recently in the Carmel market, a place known for its days rather than nights.
Besides a rich wine menu and delicious food, the emphasis is definitely on the the service and vibe.
Where: HaCarmel St 15, Tel Aviv, Israel

the best bars in Tel Aviv - TLVnights


Mirage –
The hottest location in town, live jazz music and food by Eyal Shani. What else do you need?
The railway park is definitely one of the nicest areas in Tel Aviv. If you want to have a walk, throw a picnic, see the beautiful buildings or just have a coffee, it’s really the best spot in town. Furthermore, its where Biet Romano, one of the city’s coolest spots is located. There you can find the famous Teder FM, Romano and now the Mirage, a new, hip bar with amazing food and great music.
Where: 3817 St, Tel Aviv-Yafo

the best bars in Tel Aviv - TLVnights

Gag Jaffa

Jaffa Roof –
We all love a nice roof top, and better with a good view. The Jaffa Roof is located on top of a beautiful, traditional building in the buzzing flee market of Jaffa. Besides the great view of the city, there are live shows by local artists almost every night, delicious food and original cocktails.
Where: Ami’ad St 13, Tel Aviv

the best bars in Tel Aviv - TLVnights


Bor –
The closing of the Block, one of Tel Aviv’s most famous clubs, was a real blow to city’s blooming electronic music scene. Is it possible that we found the place to fill the gap?
The Bor (hole in Hebrew) is an underground bar/club that opened recently on the ruins of the famous Buxa bar. It boasts a great lineup of djs from Israel and other parts of the world, a dark vibe and alternative crowed. The electro scene is back baby so come dance.
Where: Rothschild 31 , Tel Aviv, Israel

the best bars in Tel Aviv - TLVnights

Teder FM –
Even though we wrote about the Teder many times before, some things don’t change (let’s keep it like that), and so is the fact that its still one of the best bars in Tel Aviv. Actually, to call the Teder a bar will be doing it wrong. It is much more than just a bar but a center of creativity. The Beit Romano complex hosts a bar, a club, a record shop with a bar, a chef restaurant (that turns to a club), a gallery and a space for social activities. Pretty impressive for one building no?
Where: Dereh Yafo 19, Tel Aviv