Tel Aviv my dear.. Some people will say that it’s one of the best cities in the world, a place where east and west meet, flowing with creativity, energy, great food, parties and accepting all. If you really want to feel like a true Telavivian there’s a few things you need to do first:

tel aviv

Tel Aviv Skyline

1) Wear a yoga outfit but never do yoga –
Walking around with a yoga outfit is a great way to show people that you are an active person even if you only go to the supermarket, walk your dog or having a serious gossiping session with friends in a coffee shop.

2) Get a dog –
It sometimes seems that there are more dogs than people in Tel Aviv. Not sure that’s true but statistics say that there are 1 dog per 10 inhabitants which makes it one of the dog friendly cities in the world!
There are over a 100 dog parks around the city and also 2! Dog dedicated beaches.

Dogs in Tel Aviv

A dog

3) Pay more than you should for things –
Tel Aviv is very expensive, so much that it was even voted the world’s most expensive city in 2019. I guess Telavivains just are fine with it as the bars, restaurants and shops are always full and it’s almost impossible to get a decent apartment in town.

4) Enjoy life –
Doesn’t matter what day of the week, season of the year or the geo-political situation it is, Telavivains like to party. That’s why bars, clubs, restaurants, beaches, parks and coffee shops are always full with people. Having fun and being active is part of the city’s DNA

street food in tel aviv-TLVnights

Enjoy life to its fullest

5) Be fit –
Sometimes it looks like fat people are not allowed in Tel Aviv. If you walk around the city you see so many fit, tan and generally good looking people around. Is it maybe something in the air?