The best electro clubs in Tel Aviv

Electronic music in Tel Aviv

Every party city in the world glorifies itself with a vibrant Electronic music scene. Tel Aviv is no different, some might say that it’s even one of the leading ones.

Night Clubs in TLV

Clubs in Tel Aviv

Besides some great local artists like the Red Axes who play in the best clubs and festivals around the world, Tel Aviv’s clubs also gained quite a reputation in the recent years for their quality and style.

Check out the complete list of clubs for electronic music lovers coming to Tel Aviv:

Clubs in Tel Aviv

The Block

The Block

It’s no secret that “The Block” is maybe the top club in Tel Aviv. Much has been said about the spectacular sound system and the electrifying atmosphere that is being produced every Thursday and Friday night.
With resident DJ’s from the top clubs in the world and local talents as well, a night in “The Block” gives new meaning to the concept of clubbing. Even the prestigious “Mixmag” magazine named it as: “a club with possibly the best sound in the world”.

Clubs in Tel Aviv



This medium size club has two different dance floors that offer a unique combination of styles. Operating every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, the “Alphabet” is a great option for electro lovers to enjoy local and foreign DJ sets with a crowd of beautiful people. Last but not least, the “Alphabet” is the home of the famous gay line “Pag” so every Friday night and, of course, during the gay pride week, this is the best party in town.

the best clubs in tel aviv



“Under52” is the newest addition to the list. The “Under” labels it’self as a friendly underground club. It’s definitely less dark then the others and the music is “happier”. Nevertheless, the founders of the club managed to put together a very professional sound system that allows the club’s visitors to enjoy a complete sound experience. The main days to visit the “Under” are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

the best clubs in Tel Aviv

Breakfast Club

Breakfast club

Sharing a space with the “Milk” bar, the “Breakfast” is one of the oldest and most famous clubs in Tel Aviv. It is known to be one of the original clubs to introduce electronic music to Israel before people even knew what it is. Nowadays, you can enjoy a great party every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Other places worth mentioning:

Other than the clubs that specialize in electronic music, you can find many more places that play it only on some nights of the week and therefore, prefer not to define themselves as proper electro clubs. Among those worth mentioning are Mondo 2000, “Sputnik” and the new baby brother “Voodoo” that play amazing electronic music on different days of the week and the “Piano house”.

Like always, if you have any objections or suggestions, let us know about them. Happy clubbing.

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