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Welcome to Tel Aviv – a vibrant city full of energy and culture! We, at TLVnights, offer unique and exciting tours that showcase the best of this amazing city.

From the original Tel Aviv pub crawl to augmented reality graffiti tours and everything in between, our experienced guides will take you on a journey through the streets of Tel Aviv that you won’t forget.

Our tours are perfect for solo travelers, groups, and anyone looking for an authentic Tel Aviv experience. Join us and discover the hidden gems of this city, meet new people, and create unforgettable memories.

Book your tour today and let’s explore Tel Aviv together!

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Our Tours

Tel Aviv pub crawl

Pub Crawl

Tel Aviv is known for its amazing nightlife scene and what is the best way to discover these hidden places that only the locals know about? Join our crazy Tel Aviv pub craw! During the pub crawl we visit some of the best bars & club sin Tel Aviv, meet new friends and dance the night away.

  • When: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 21:30 (We have 30 min in the meeting point)
  • Duration: 4 HOURS
  • Where: Rothschild Boulevard 39, Tel Aviv (Next to the yellow statue)
  • Price: 100 ILS (29$) on the spot, 85 ILS (26$) on our website

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A Story of a City Graffiti Tour

“A story of a city” is a unique and original graffiti tour in Tel Aviv. All the art works on the tour were made especially for it by some of the leading artists in Israel and cannot be seen anywhere else. Each graffiti is nspired by a different story about the city. Using augmented reality technology, we are able to bring the artworks to life and create an amazing visual experience.

  • When: Contact us to book your private tour
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Where: Dov Hoz 2, Tel Aviv
  • Price: 110 ILS (10% discount for online reservations)

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street food in tel aviv


Israel is a food heaven. Influences from all around the world created a fusion of flavors, textures and smells, non like any other place in the world.

The Carmel market is the main “bazaar” of Tel Aviv which provides a great impression to the large verity of delicacies in the local food scene. Our Carmel market tasting tour includes 10 different food and drink tastings from a verity of local vendors. Besides the food itself, the tour provides an inside look to the history of the market and the people that have been there for generations.

  • When: Contact us to book your private tour
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Where: Magen David square
  • Price: 180 ILS per person

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Queer nightlife tours

Discover the hottest nightlife spots of the most gay-friendly city in the middle-east, all while learning about the local LBTQ scene of Tel Aviv. Choose a private tour and visit the most exclusive bars and clubs on a real VIP night or join one of our group tours and meet locals and foreigners from all around the world

  • When: Private tour – every day (Booking up to 10 hours in advance), Group tour – once a month (Next one 12/7/23, 21:00)
  • How much: Private tour – 545 Nis per person (min 2 people), Group tour – 100 Nis per person

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Gay nightlife in Tel Aviv

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About Us

Florence, Austria

I joined the pub crawl with a friend. It was super fun and we liked it A LOT – highly recommend it. You get to know TLV nightlife best and go to different bars & clubs during the night with shots at every stop. The tour guide was very nice, she also gave us recommendations what to see/do in Israel/TLV

Nick, Germany

The Best Pub Crawl in the city! 😊
Wonderful bars, and great people.
If you want to discover the great Tel Aviv nightlife, there is no better way to do it

Suchit, India.

Undoubtedly the best pub crawl in Tel Aviv. If you are going with Ido or anyone else from his super team, blindfold yourself and let yourself loose. They will take you to hands down the best pubs in town!

Claudia, France.

I have to say this was one of the best pub crawls I have been on in my life. Michael was our guide. Could not have asked for a better guide. He was so much fun and really knows how to have a great time. Highly recommended!

Cassy, USA.

I’m normally not the type to sign up to go on a pub crawl but I’m so glad I did! I had such a fun time with Tal and the whole group! You really get a great idea of the Tel Aviv night life 🙂

Kathrin, Germany.

I was in the graffiti tour with my husband and my children. I learned quite a lot about Israel and the street art. We had a lot of fun and the Augmented reality part was very cool so Thank you very much for the tour!

Meet the Crew

If you joined one of our tours in the past, you already know that our guides are experts in showing people a good time. With us, you will not just be one of a crowd. You will be the king/queen of the nightlife and we will not be only your guide, but also your friend. Start memorizing our names because we will definitely remember yours.


Ido was born and raised in Tel Aviv and in 2011 he founded TLVnights. Ido is a well known and dominant figure in Tel Aviv’s dynamic nightlife scene and people that participated in one of his tours, will testify that he remembers everyone’s name (also in groups of 50 people!).

Ido is showing people the nightlife of Tel Aviv for the past 12 years so come join one of his tours.


Gili has a fun personality, she is funny, loves interacting with people and she’s the perfect wing woman. She is a tatoo artist and you’ll probably meet on the pub crawl, every Friday night. With her high energies you will have an incredible unforgettable night.


Michael is the ultimate party person, not for nothing people call him “The Machine”. He is very friendly and people connect to him in seconds, that is why he knows all the bar owners in Tel Aviv. If you join a tour with Michael you are in for a once in a lifetime experience. Join him every weekend.


Shahar is the man! He is fun, sociable and loves to party. He is very good looking (ladies he’s single) and a tour with him is an unforgettablele experience. Join him every Thursday and Friday night.

  • TLVnights staff
  • TLvnights guide

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