Each and one of us has different preferences when it comes to holiday accommodations. Some people prefer the comfort of hotels, some will choose an apartment as a way to experience the local atmosphere and the others (me among them), will always stay in hostels. Why hostels you ask? Well, in a hostel you will always have common areas where you can meet and interact with other, usually young travelers, share different activities and make new friends. Hostels are usually cheaper then hotels but still offer a variety of services such as a free breakfast, wifi, 24/7 reception and more. Like always, we have gathered a short list of our top hostels in Tel Aviv :

hostels in tlv

Beachfront hostel

Beachfront hostel – As you probably guessed from the name, the Beachfront is located right on the beautiful and renovated promenade of Tel Aviv. With an amazing rooftop overlooking the Mediterranean sea, the Beachfront is maybe the best located hostel in the city. Except for 24/7 reception, the hostel offers a rooftop bar for his guests along with free WiFi, beach towels and more. http://www.telavivbeachfront.co.il/

hostels in tlv

Hayarkon 48 hostel

Hayarkon 48 hostel –  One of the best and most famous hostels in Israel, Hayarkon 48 just celebrated his 17! Year of hosting people in Tel Aviv. Maybe the most vibrant and colorful hostel of all, Hayarkon 48 has always been the number one place for young people looking for a good party. Extremely close to the beach and the city center, Hayarkon 48 offers a variety of Tours and activities. http://www.hayarkon48.com/

Florentin house hostel

Florentin house – The  newest hostel in Tel Aviv and for sure the most beautiful one as well. Florentin house is located in the super cool artist neighborhood of Florentin, where you can find many trendy bars, coffee shops and restaurants along with some crazy street art. As a matter of fact, the Florentin house shares a space with an Asian restaurant by the famous chef, Sharon Cohen. The hostel itself is all new and all the facilities are in the highest imaginable level. It’s like staying in a boutique hotel but paying for a hostel. www.florentinhouse.com

hostels in tlv

Gordon inn hostel

Gordon inn – After moving to a newer and bigger building, the Gordon inn is one of the biggest hostels in Tel Aviv at the moment. The Gordon is located in the central street of Ben Yehuda, close to the beach and the vibrant street of Dizingoff . The Gordon inn offers his guests a variety of different room types, an in house restaurant where they also serve the guests free breakfast, a fully functional bar and many more activities. http://www.gordoninn.hostel.com/

hostels in tlv

Chef hostel

Chef hostel – As a  family owned hostel, the Chef hostel offers his guests a much more intimate and cozy hospitality experience. Located in a beautiful preserved building with a spacious patio for parties, shared dinners or just chilling out. During the stay at Chef’s you are bound to meat the guy in charge that will always take the time to give you great local advice or will show you around himself. http://www.chefhostel.com/

Which ever hostel you choose, don’t forget to check out the weekly line up of activities such as the pub crawl, cooking class or street art tour.