The summer is upon us and the city of Tel Aviv is beginning to awake from it’s winter mood. We all know that there’s nothing like having a cold beer or a glass of wine under the open sky when a nice breeze blows through your hair, That is why we decided to bring you some of the more recommended outdoor spots for this coming summer.

Shai Franco Phtographer

Shai Franco Phtographer


Sputnik Bar – In a hidden corner of Alenby Street, behind a narrow passage, you can find the Sputnik. The design of the bar is urban and a bit Hipster and the walls are covered with unique street art. The place is made out of several different areas where you can choose to sit and have a drink, or dance to the music.Some of the owners are actually coming from the Music industry, so they play their own unique tracks that just make this place even more special!

bars in tel aviv

Sputnik bar


Teder –Teder in Hebrew means frequency and that is actually the case with this place. It started as a portable radio station that used to broadcast from a different location every summer and then became a bar in a permanent and amazing spot!Check them out this summer at their outdoor hipster location with their live shows, great beer and music!

bars in tlv



The Minzar –  One of the oldest bars in Tel Aviv and home to some of the most interesting characters.   It’s open almost all day long and the prices are very friendly compered to other bars. Nothing on their food menu exceeds 50 NIS and the alcohol is cheep as well.




The secret garden – Like it’s name, the Secret garden is a magical little place with lots of vegetation , located in the old railway station of Tel Aviv. The actual magic happens only in summer when the place opens for the crowed and you can find there some of the most beautiful people in Israel who come to enjoy the vibe.

bars in tel aviv

The secret garden


The Kartel Bar – The Kartel is a great spot located in the lovely “Yemenite vineyard” neighborhood. Its an intimate spot where you can sit inside and also outside, enjoy the beautiful Graffiti, have a cold beer and dance to the sounds of good electronic music. Open since 4 pm so you can also enjoy a nice dinner with friends after a long day of touring Tel Aviv!

street art in tel aviv



Salon Berlin – A very special, local and small bar with a warm atmosphere and good Happy Hour deals! At first glance it looks like a nice living room in an old Tel Aviv apartment and If you sit outside you can enjoy the street view of the Carmel Market area. Next to the bar there is a great Falafel and Shawarma place that  is open all night in case you’ll get hungry!

nightlife tlv

Salon Berlin


Tapale – The Best bar to visit on a Friday during the day! You’ll enjoy the local Anise drink – Arak and listen to Ethnic music in a very open, fun and a light atmosphere! Next to your beer you can order nuts and snacks and mingle with a local young crowd.If you’ll choose to sit outside you’ll also have the view of King George street, which Is one of the busiest areas on a Friday in Tel Aviv.



Don’t forget to drink a lot of water and see you soon..