Sun, beach, great nightlife, food and hot, hot guys everywhere. We can all agree that being gay in Tel Aviv is a dream. But like always, the challenge is how to enjoy the city like a real local and just as a tourist so, if are you planning a trip to Tel Aviv you should definitely check out these five amazing things to do that cater specifically to the LGBTQ+ community!

Gay nightlife in Tel Aviv

Nightlife Tour

1) Join a LBTQA+ nightlife tour with TLVnights and get to know all the hidden bars and clubs in Tel Aviv. You can choose an exclusive private tour with your own guide who plans the entire evening to your preferences, or join their monthly group tour and get to know about the local LGBT+ community in Tel Aviv while meeting loads of gay and gay-friendly locals and foreigners. 

gay pride parade in Tel Aviv

Pride Parade

2) Take part in the Pride Parade: Tel Aviv Pride takes place annually in June, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world. This vibrant event features three days of celebrations, including concerts, parties, and cultural events. Visitors can join the parade through the streets of Tel Aviv, showcasing their pride for the local LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

Beach of tel aviv

Tel Aviv beach

3) Hang out in the gay  beach: Head down to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea where you’ll find the gay Beach – a hotspot for gay sunbathers and beachgoers during summertime. This sandy spot boasts stunning views and lounge chairs perfect for relaxation and socializing under the warm Israeli sun. Be prepared to mingle with like-minded individuals and make new friends while enjoying this beautiful destination.

Nightlife in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv streets

4) Check out the view from Nahalat Binyamin parking lot: Not many know of this secret view point of the city but if you go to the top floor of the parking lot in Nahalat Binyamin 26 you can see the entire city (and the sea..). This secluded spot is right next to many amazing nightlife spots, among them is Shpagat which is one of the most famous gay bars in Tel Aviv, but still far away from people’s gaze. If you need a brake from the city’s craziness come up and enjoy a great view of the city and maybe a little kiss. 

Tel Aviv things to do

Work out

5) Workout in the new Aliya Country club: It’s finally open and its the official new hotspot of the LBTQ+ community. Besides the actual sport activities like swimming, weight lifting, yoga and other classes, the new country club is the perfect place to mingle with hot guys, devote yourself to long staring in the mirror and generally feel good that you decided to leave the house and not be a couch potato.