The relaxing sound of the waves, the never ending horizon, a cold beer in one hand and a good book in the other.. Sounds like the perfect moment, no? This post will make sure that this is how your perfect beach day will look like instead of being surrounded by packs of loud kids running around, bad music from numerous portable speakers and people playing “Matkot” on top of you.

Perfect beach day in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv beach

As part of our summer preparation effort, we bring you the best beaches in Tel Aviv, the ones that make our city one of the top summer destinations in the world :

1) Blue flag beach

A secluded beach on the border of Jaffa (the old part of Tel Aviv) and Bat Yam. A different mix of people tend to visit the “Blue flag”, from local Jaffa residents to foreign tourists. Not like other main beaches in Tel Aviv, here there is plenty of parking and you can have a nice lunch in the restaurant next to to it.

2) Geula beach

The hipster beach. There, you will always be able to find chill young people, doing what chill young people do – play “Matkot”, frisbee, smoke weed and do some yoga. There’s no organized seating arrangements so make sure to bring a towel. Read about more hipster spots in Tel Aviv.

beach in Tel Aviv

The perfect sunset

3) Gordon beach

Almost every foreign magazine that wrote about Tel Aviv in the recent years mentioned “Gordon Beach” as the beach for young people. The beach volleyball court, public gym and loads of young beautiful people make it a “must” in Tel Aviv. Also, if you ever tried to imagine how Israeli folk dancing looks like, every Friday, there’s a big group of locals that meet and dance for hours.

Pride Beach

Pride beach

4) Sea & Sun beach

In the north of Tel Aviv, lies a jam of beach. Super clean and tidy, the “Sea & Sun” beach is the playground for Tel Aviv “cream de la cream”. Local celebrities and wiz kids get some sun on a regular basis and enjoy a snack or two in the close by, “Seatara” and “Turkiz” restaurants.

best summer clubs in tel aviv

Summer clubs in Tel Aviv

5) The secret “No name” beach

Not many people know this but past the port of Tel Aviv, just across from “Dov” Airport, is located one of the most beautiful, virgin beaches in Israel. White sand and many small lagoons where you can deep your feet on a hot summer day. As you probably figured already, because of it’s secluded location it’s not crowded at all so if you want to spend a quiet day on the beach, that is the place for you.

Now that you are all ready to go, make sure to put some sun screen and drink a lot of water. Enjoy