Gay bars in TLV

By: Ezra Rabinowitz

It’s no secret that Tel Aviv is notoriously known worldwide as an extremely gay-friendly city. This is fascinating, especially due to the fact that Tel Aviv is located in the middle east, an area known for being relatively intolerant towards the LGBTQ community.

gay pride parade in Tel Aviv

Pride parade

Tel Avivians pride themselves on being tolerant, loving and open. Expression of love is in the DNA of this lively city, as well as self-expression. In light of this, It is no surprise that Tel Aviv is host to some of the best gay bars/clubs in the world, along with the best-looking people. Here are the best gay bars in Tel Aviv:


1. Shpagat

By day the Shpagat is a laid-back cafe, and by night it is considered the unofficial queen of the LGBTQ community. People of all sexes, ages, shapes, and sizes are always welcome here. An intimate seating area allows mingling, and a dance floor prompts dancing. Excellent drinks are to be enjoyed alongside great music being played by the best DJs in town.

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Address: Nahalat Binyamin 43


2. Amazona

Known to many as Tel Aviv’s premier lesbian bar, the beloved Amazona Bar is open only twice a week – Thursday nights and Friday afternoons. Nonetheless, that doesn’t stop it from being a popular and exciting LGBTQ destination. With different themed evening, this cheery bar succeeds in constantly attracting a diverse crowd, both local and international.

Phone: 050-481-0488

Address: Lillenblum 23


3. Apolo Club

Located on the bustling Allenby Street, Apolo Club is a centrally located gay dance bar and club. Apolo Club hosts a large bar and a lower level with two dancefloors and a darkroom. Apolo Club is unique in being the only men-only gay club in Tel Aviv.


Address: Allenby 46


4. The Gay Center

Israel continues to be at the forefront of gay rights and the LGBTQ movement worldwide. There are countless opportunities to be involved in the LGBTQ community, specifically in Tel Aviv. The Gay center was founded as a safe environment for LGBTQ individuals. Here, individuals can receive support and find opportunities to engage with the community. The center has a full-time employed staff, as well as interns, and volunteers that head and organize events all over the city. The Gay Center is the primary leader and facilitator of gay programs and initiatives within Israel. The leaders of the center are exceptionally welcoming and invite everyone to explore the center while taking part in the spectrum of services and activities available.  

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Address: Tchernikhovski St 22

pride parade tlv

People in Tel Aviv

Besides the venues mentioned above, there are many events that cater to the LGBTQ community, that take place in other venues on a regular basis. The events take place during the week and especially on the weekend. We highly recommend staying updated in regards to all the events – they are listed here in an organized and updated manner.


The LGBTQ community is a welcoming, strong and lively community, that has become an integral part of mainstream Israeli society. As Israelis, we can say that we are very proud that such a positive community has grown so much, and has come to symbolize strength, tolerance and love – values held dearly in our hearts.