Tel Aviv nightlife scene is becoming well known around the world and visitors everywhere are coming especially to see for themselves what the fuss is all about.
There are a few local traditions when it comes to going out in Tel Aviv that you simply can’t miss. Here are some important ones you better know:

Going out in Tel Aviv

Napkins in the air

Throwing Napkins in the air

If you visit a local bar in Tel Aviv you’ll become familiar with this tradition very fast. This cheap (but effective), effect doesn’t have a logical explanation but is sure does add to the atmosphere and the locals go crazy for it.
In Tel Aviv it’s a sign of celebration so join the fun and throw some in the air.

Going out in Tel Aviv


Drinking Arak shots:

Every country in the Mediterranean has its own version of an Anise based drink. In Israel, Arak is the local liquorice flavored liquor.
The Arak is considered as Israel’s national liquor and a lot of people love to drink it at bars and on special occasions. In many bars, the bartenders will give you a complementary shot of Arak almost every time you’ll sit at a bar.
You can drink the Arak straight up clean in a shot or with ice and a bit of water but the best way to drink it is to mix it with mint and lemonade as a mixed drink – It’s a local’s trick and it definitely makes it tastier!

Going out in Tel Aviv

Dancing on the bar

Dancing ON the bar:

In many local bars that you’ll visit people will hop on the bar and start
to dance on top of it at some point. Besides having the best view of the place, it’s also  a light and fun way to engage the customers in the bar and of course,
create a fun atmosphere.

Going out in Tel Aviv

Local music

listening to local Israeli music:

There are many ways of understanding the local vibe of a new destination and music is definitely one of the main one’s. The biggest musical genre in Israel at the moment is the Middleastern music. Full with unique sounds and beats, it’s a great choice for party music so put your arms in the air and join the fun.
Some of the main local artists are: Omer Adam, Eden Ben Zaken, Static&Ben El. If you are curios, look them up on YouTube.

Going out in Tel Aviv

Meeting the locals

Meeting the locals:

Israelis loves tourists! If they hear someone speaking in a foreign language in a bar, they will immediately approach them and try to mingle. That is one of the main facts that make Tel Aviv to be such a warm and welcoming tourism destination so be ready to meet some new friends!

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