Tel aviv is one of the most intriguing tourist destinations you probably didn’t know about. Well, If your luck shines on you one day and you do get a chance to pop up for a visit, this are some must things to do in the “city that never sleeps”:

  1. Get some sun on the beach – The weather in Israel is really nice. Starting April and spreading till December, the sun shines pretty much every day. That, and the fact that Tel aviv lies on the shores of the Mediterranean ocean, makes it a perfect beach destination.
  2. Visit the old city of Jaffa – Some say it was build 5000 years ago which makes it one of the oldest cities in the world. You can take a free tour or wonder by yourself as you stroll through the ancient allies and streets.
  3. Rent a bike and go to park Hayarkon – Not many people know but there is a river running through Tel aviv and a huge park surrounding it. Its  called “Hayarkon“. Its a great spot to enjoy a sunny day with a coffee or beer but make sure you are careful from all the joggers.
  4. Have a big night out – Night life in Tel aviv is crazy!! Start with 1-2 nice cocktail bars or some hipster open air bars and move on to some of the bigger places like the “block”. You can Finish the night in one of the city’s notorious underground clubs  that go ll the way till the sun rises.
  5. Visit the markets – There are 3 markets in Tel aviv: The Levinski spice market where you can buy, smell and taste exotic spices from the region, The Jaffa flee market where you can find many antiques and of course the main market of the city, the Carmel market that offers, along with fresh meat and vegetables, some of the best street food you have ever had.




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