The culinary scene in Tel-Aviv has been booming lately, and along with it, the cocktail culture – also known as the science of Mixology.

What is the difference, you may ask, between a bartender and a Mixologist?

Think of it like the difference between a short-order cook and a French Chef in a restaurant. The bartender is like a simple, short-order cook – following basic recipes according to standard rules, The Mixologist, by comparison uses his or her artistry, knowledge, craftsmanship and talent to create new and unique drink recipes. Like a chef, the Mixologist is the artist who puts his or her personality and style into every cocktail that s/he creates.

Here are our current top choices for the top 5 cocktail bars in Tel-Aviv:

1) The BellBoy – Opened and run by Ariel Leizgold, who is also the chief Mixologist. Leizgold is the 2nd place winner of “World class 2015”, an international Mixology event and was recently named as the leading Mixologist in Israel. Located in the lobby of “Bardichevsky Hotel”, the “Bellboy” offers an intimate atmosphere and a variety of unique cocktails.

2) The Moonshine – This bar was Inspired by the Prohibition period in the United states during the 1920’s. During the Prohibition period, some of the alcoholic drinks were called ‘moonshine’ because they were made secretly by the light of the moon. All tge cocktails in the “Moonshine” are ho mixed with their own top-secret alcohol extracts, and each had its own unique taste. The food menu and music also follow the Prohibition theme, so you will feel like you went back in time to the ‘Roaring Twenties’.

3) 223 – “223” was the “pioneer” of the custom-crafted cocktail scene in Tel-Aviv. Opened in 2008 by Ariel Leizgold (who also opened The “BellBoy”), The “223” introduced the cocktail culture to the local bar-scene with some classics such as the “Ginger Passion-Fruit Martini” and the “White Sangria”.

4) The Golden Age – If you want to enjoy one (or more) of Mixologist Dan Kraizer’s 130 cocktails, you’d better hurry because the golden age will be open only for one month. Most of the cocktails are classics with Dan’s special interpretation so it’s definitely worth a visit!

5) Jasper – Well known for it’s diverse crowd almost as much as it’s tasty and unique cocktails. A great spot to end the night in!

Take some time to visit these great cocktail destinations, and be sure to let us know of your Mixology discoveries and destinations as well!!

Ido Weil