The hottest Pick Up Bars In Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a very sexy city with a lot going on. The worst feeling in the world is not having someone to enjoy the little pleasures of life with and what the city has to offer. There are a bunch of ways to meet new people and yes, it is a bit old school, but bars are still a great option to meet people, even with today’s digital dating scene.

You can definitely say that Tel Aviv is a single people city with positive energy and high spirits. Whether you’re there to have fun or meet someone go out and mingle with an open mind. You might get lucky!

In the meantime, here’s a little push and a list of the best pick up bars in Tel Aviv:

pick up bars in tlv



The entrance to the Sputnik is hidden down a small alley off Allenby, near the corner of Rothschild blvd. It has thus gained popularity and it is an awesome place to meet all kinds of people. It is creatively divided into 3 different areas so you can meet someone and talk to them in the chill garden, have a drink in the small cozy bar inside or get lost in the music in the satellite room. It has the best crowd in town!

best pick up bars tel aviv

Teder FM

The Teder is one of the coolest bars in Tel Aviv with a unique location and style. People are open minded so it’s easy to talk to start a conversation.Whenever there is a live show the energies are very high and the general state of mind is really positive. Just the best recipe for a close encounter.

Bestpick up bars in tel aviv

Phi Garden

Phi Garden

This Japanese style hipster bar is a great place to meet people because of its sitting arrangements and vibe. It’s a bit less noisy so you can talk and the lighting allows you to actually get a good look at each other. If you want to treat to a drink, try on of their natural health cocktails.

best pick up bars in tel aviv



Rubi is the real definition of a dance bar. Its ambiance is attractive and out of this world so an awesome experience is guaranteed. Its arrangement is cozy and you can easily get to meet new people. It is an amazing place with good vibes, dope music and cool people.

best pick up bars in tel aviv



Jasper is one of the best-known cocktail bars in Tel Aviv. The skill, knowledge and people skills displayed by the bartenders cannot be matched, as they are the cream of the crop of Tel Aviv mixology. During the late hours of the night, it becomes a hangout place for very interesting people and the vibe creates close encounters. With a hopping late-night crowd that drinks until sunrise, you can start and finish your night here.

best bars in tlv



Dungeon is not the classic spot for meeting your other half but definitely the most interesting one. With BDSM shows and sexy vibe people are more inclined to mingle. The room downstairs is meant to fulfill any fantasy so intriguing encounters are inevitable. Dungeon is the real home of the BDSM community in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is the best place to hook up with people or meet your future spouse. Just go out and keep your mind open.

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