After every fun night of partying and drinking, comes the less enjoyable part which is the morning after’s hangover.

We know that oily foods absorb alcohol and can help prevent hangover but apparently, there are more ways to ease that horrible feeling we all know and hate. What are they? Keep reading.


Hangover food

Eggs and OJ

1. The morning after breakfast – Eggs and OJ (Orange Juice) :

Fresh squeezed orange juice has vitamin C that helps regenerating the body. It’s also great for a sour throat and headaches! Poached eggs or an omelet are the perfect partner to the OJ.

Eggs contain toxins that break down the alcohol from the night before, and calm the irritated stomach and headache.

Hangover drinks

Drink Soda

2. Drink lots of Sprite or clear Soda (bubbly water) the day after:

Researches that checked 57 different light drinks and the way they can decrease the affects of hangover symptoms, discovered that Soda and Sprite were the most effective ones. Apparently, the sugar and the amount of water and carbonation that these drink contain, help to speed up the body’s alcohol metabolism so it can digest the alcohol faster and prevent hangover symptoms.

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No Herbal tea please

3. Do not drink Herbal Tea the day after drinking:

Another common assumption is that drinking tea the morning after a heavy alcohol drinking night can help deal with hangover headache. According to the same research that we wrote about at the previous section, the drink that was the least helpful with dealing with hangover symptoms was herbal tea.

Drinking in Tel Aviv

Avocado – good before a big night out

4. Eat Avocado or Hummus before you start drinking

Avocado and Hummus paste have healthy fats that help pad your that will prepare the stomach for a rough night of drinking so prepare a some guacamole or get a Hummus bowl or paste from the supermarket at get crazy with it.

Drinking in Tel Aviv

Banana and yougort

6. Eat a Banana or a Yogurt (or both of them) before you start drinking

For those of you that don’t want to feel bloated like after a huge burger, we found a healthy solution – A banana or a yogurt. They are full with Protein and help the body regenerate faster.

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7. Drink electrolytes –

Alcohol causes the body to dehydrate and thus, lower the levels of electrolytes which are an important part in maintaining the body’s basic functions. Drinking a Gatorade or any of the many other isotope drinks will cause an immediate relief and help your body get back to normal.

We hope these tips will help you when you most need them and don’t forget to drink responsibility.

Pro Tip: Plan ahead! This guide will help you Drink Without Getting A Hangover