If you ever met Israeli people you probably already know that, for us, Hummus is more than just food.

That thick paste is a big part of our culture and you will hardly find a household that doesn’t have a box in the fridge. The debate about which is the best Hummus goes back to the time of the dinosaurs so we will leave that decision to you.

In the mean time, here is a list of our favorite Hummus places in Tel Aviv:

1) Hummus Abu Hassan –

Located in Jaffa and always full of people. They Usually close at 2:00 PM just because they finish all the fresh hummus so make sure to get there early. A great hummus with an excellent service experience, pampering and an authentic atmosphere (Shivtei Israel 14 Tel Aviv)

2) Hummus Mashausha –

Delicious hummus for a great price. Fresh, tasty and close to everything! There are lots of other dishes like eggplant in tahini and good salads so it’s a perfect place for vegans.
(Pinsker 40, Tel Aviv)


Hummus Mashausha

3) Hummus Ashkara –

Besides the excellent Hummus, in Achla you can take a box of Hummus, pita bread and some Falafel balls and go sit in Hayarkon Park (which is a five minute walk). They also have a very affordable business menu with French fries, salad and Falafel balls. Yummy!
(Yirmiyahu 45 Tel Aviv)

4) Humus Abu Dhabi –

In the center of Tel Aviv, just five minutes from the Dizengoff Center there’s a great Hummus place in a chill Reggae atmosphere. This place is really great for people with a big appetite because they offer a free refill if you are still hungry. After the delicious meal, they will offer you complimentary Arabic coffee or tea.
(King George 81 Tel Aviv)

5) The Golden Grail Hummus –

In Levinsky Market (the biggest spice market in Tel Aviv), awaits a very special Hummus place. The Hummus is made according to a secret recipe is one of a kind. After tasting this special Hummus, you can walk around the Levinsky market and enjoy the local smells and tastes. (Levinsky 30 Tel Aviv.)

Now all there is to do is follow the map and discover the treasure paste. Enjoy and let us know what you think.