We all love a good drinking night out and god knows that for some of us it helps to let loose. The major downside of drinking is the morning after is: The Hangover.

We are all dreading this, we all hate it but what if we told you that there are ways to prevent or minimize its horrible effects with a few easy steps?

Check out our pro tips on how to prevent a hangover:

Food in Tel Aviv

Hangover food

1. Eat fatty foods before drinking:

In order to prepare your body for a crazy drinking night we will recommend to eat fatty foods that will pad your stomach and absorb the alcohol as you drink it.

Why? A hangover isn’t just related to how much you drink, but how you metabolize alcohol.

Hangover cure


2. Sleep at least 8 hours before a drinking night:

Although it sounds obvious, a lot of us don’t really implement that tip, But a rested, strong body helps a lot to improve your immunity to the morning after hangover. The long night sleep helps your body to be ready for a heavy night of drinking.

Sparkling wine

Not so sparkling please

3. Don’t go crazy for sparkling drinks:

The carbonation process in sparkling wine makes it hard for our body to process the alcohol so you get drunker faster. Clear drinks like Vodka for example have toxins that help the alcohol absorb slower.

Smoking bars

Smoke less

4. Don’t smoke while you drink:

According to a study published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, smoking cigarettes while drinking actually makes you hangover worst! We know that it is a favorite of many of us smokers. But try to at least smoke less.



5. Before you go to sleep, take some vitamins:

Before you go to sleep it off, make sure you take an Advil and in addition to that, take some vitamin C , D and B will be super helpful (if you have just a vitamin C that’s also great). The vitamins will help the body metabolize the alcohol and help prevent hangover symptoms the morning after.

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Keep a glass next to your bed

6. Most importantly – DRINK LOTS OF WATER:

One of the affects of alcohol is that it causes the body to dehydrate. That what makes that crushing headache in the morning so before you go to bed, drink as much water as you can and make sure to have some more next to your bed in case you wake up thirsty in the middle of the night.

Beer and whiskey

Don’t mix

7. Don’t mix alcohol:

Try to stick to one type of alcohol all night. Every alcohol is made from different ingredients and produced in a different method so our body reacts differently to different drinks. Minimize the affects of alcohol by sticking to one drink the entire night.

Alcohol percentage

Never go down

8. Always go from weak to strong:

If you do decide to mix your booze, make sure you only go up in the percentage of the alcohol and not down. For example, it’s ok to go from beer (5%) to whiskey (40%) but not from Gin (40%) to wine (13%).


Next time you plan on a big night, think of our advice and you will wake up all fresh and hangover free.

Your welcome 😉

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