The best rooftop bars in Tel Aviv

Nightlife makes life a lot more fun. If you are going out to meet some friends or just grab a drink to cool off, it’s a dope way to unwind and forget the day to day troubles. Now, add rooftop bars to your choice and see how cool that is. Considering the awesome weather, in Tel Aviv, rooftop bars are definitely the hottest thing in 2019.

It goes without saying; both the locals and tourists are feeling the vibe. You have the chance to tour the city during the day and watch it magically light up as the sun goes down. Rooftop bars in Tel Aviv have really stepped up to the challenge incorporating ambiance, good music, cocktails to die for and awesome food that you must try out. Here are our favorite rooftop bars in Te Aviv.

the best rooftop bars in tel aviv

Mondo 2000

Mondo 2000

Florentine neighborhood has already made a name for itself as the alternative nightlife center of Tel Aviv. The Mondo 2000 is the first upscale spot in the neighborhood and will surly won’t be the last one. The rooftop bar is decorated with colorful glass enclosing the space. As you enjoy your exotic cocktails, you get to dance to the music and watch the sunset. It doesn’t get better than that. Try it out for a memorable experience!

The best rooftop bars in tel aviv

Haiku sky bar

Haiku sky bar

Haiku is a Japanese sky bar located on the 18th floor of the newly renovated Lighthouse hotel by Brown hotels, offering you a full panoramic view. You can catch a glimpse of the ocean and the city all at once. In combination with the unique ambiance, the bar has trendy furniture that appeals to its clients. They offer refreshing cocktails with a twist so If you’re looking for a place of culture and fun, haiku sky bar is the place to be. Haiku sky bar is most definitely the highest rooftop bar In Tel Aviv.

the coolest rooftop bars in tel aviv

The Prince

The Prince

Located in the heart of Nahalat Binyamin market, the prince rooftop bar is a great spot to absorb the atmosphere of the city center. The bar is strategically placed on the second floor of a classic architectural structure which used to be the first children’s hospital in Tel Aviv. The prince bar is a popular joint and attracts masses as soon as evening comes. In addition to its eye-catching open-air environment, the furniture is well thought out and they are built for your comfort and entertainment. The bar’s staff will keep you amused with their assorted cocktails, creative snacks and great music.

the trendiest rooftop bars in Tel Aviv



Speakeasy rooftop is the definition of chic, urban and unique. It’s easy to miss it while on the streets as it is a little hidden. But once you step inside, it opens up like you would have never imagined. The stylish bar is arranged into a simple yet funky way that makes the spacious area look well planned and The cocktail list will please your curiosity. As you enjoy, the music in the background is cool and gives the place an overall great atmosphere.

the coolest rooftop bars in Tel Aviv



A little of the main road, Suramare is the definition of hidden. Even if you know the address, it’s still hard to find the entrance which makes it to be one of the most kept secrets in town. Once you step foot into the open space, you’ll notice a variety of trees and vegetation. It gives the space a nature-like mood to calm you as you sip your drinks. The bar is packed with exotic wooden bar stools to give you that rustic feel as well.  Suramare lives up to its moto ‘drinks and happy food’ while the bartenders will keep your taste buds aroused with their fancy, yet creative cocktails and delicious snacks.

In conclusion, 2019 promises to be the year of endless summer and open air as we get closer to the sky and watch the bright city lights underneath us from the best rooftop bars in Tel Aviv.



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