Tailor Made

In a hidden ally on Allenby street in Tel Aviv you’ll discover one of the city’s nightlife Jams -The Tailor Made.
This beautiful, romantic spot is an oasis from the noisy Allenby street and once you enter its gates, you’ll forget all the fuss of the outside world. The Tailor Maid provides the luxury experience with an urban atmosphere, all at once.
The Tailor Maid offers a quality food menu accompanied with an original cocktail menu that was created by the Israeli chef, Beni Azoulay.
All the spices and syrups that are used for making their special cocktails are prepared in house and freshness is the name of the game.

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Beautiful location

Tailor Maid can be a perfect spot for an intimate date and at the same time, a great location for a huge birthday party or a group night out.
According to Yossi, one of the owners, the special location and the building has a very long history of over 100 years.
In the year 1938, the building was owned by Stephan Brown, a pioneer of fur clothing and the first one in Israel to create Tailor – maid outfits from fur.

“Our customers will get the best service”, says Yossi. “Any customer that walks in the door of Tailor Maid immediately feels like a part of the family”.

The best bars in Tel Aviv

Great cocktails

The Tailor maid is located in the same location of the Berlin style bar “Beit Hapsanter” (the piano house) and the small but quality club “Slippers” which makes it to be one of the hottest nightlife compounds in Tel Aviv. Together, these 3 places make for a complete experience for people that want to have a night full of great food, delicious cocktails and great music.

The best bars in Tel Aviv

Good vibes

For conclusion, the Tailor Made is the perfect spot to start an evening in Tel Aviv with endless opportunities around it.

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