A bit of alcohol can do wonders to our levels of happiness, therefore the name “Happy hour”.

Let’s face it, alcohol prices in Tel Aviv are high even if compared to European and Scandinavian countries, that’s why the “Happy hour” is such an important time of the day in Tel Aviv.
We give you the best “Happy hours” in Town.

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1) Tepale (2 Shlomo ha-Melekh Street)

The Tepale is a middle eastern tavern that not a lot of tourists know about and it’s definitely one of our favorite places in Tel Aviv. The “happy hour” deal might be the best one in Tel Aviv and includes 50% on all the food (17:00-21:00 so you can have dinner in a normal time), first drink on the house (17:00-19:00), 1+1 on all Anis drinks (17:00-21:00). Who said that Tel Aviv is expensive?

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2) Simta (The alley) (122 Dizingoff Street)

Located in Dizingoff street, one of the busier streets of Tel Aviv, The Alley is a cool cozy bar with a twist in the form of a secret underground room that is really pumping on weekends. Their “happy hour” is also excellent and includes all drinks for 16 ILS and 2+1 on all the food in the menu. All that until 21:00 so definitely worth a visit.

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3) Biggy Z (18 Bugrashov Street)

The Biggy Z is famous mostly for it’s super cozy vibe and atmosphere, it’s unusual playlist and, of course, the affordable, unlimited drinking plans. You will be glad to hear that also in the “happy hour” department the Biggy gives one of the beat value for money deals in town. The “happy hour” includes 50% on all the food menu and 1+1 on all drinks, every Sun-Thu, 18:00-20:30. We have a feeling that it’s going to be a long night..

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Happy Hour!!!

4) Radio E.P.G.B (7 Shadal st)

Besides being one of the most popular and innovative clubs in Tel Aviv for more then 7 years, the Radio proves that you can also be happy a bit later then usual. The Radio offers a special deal from 21:00 – 00:00 that if you buy a drink the next ones are only 7 ILS. A great way to start your night before the lights go down and the beats start pumping.

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Radio EPGB

5) Shuffle bar (19 Florentine street)

We had to include Florentine neighborhood in here as it’s the home to many students and artists that have, somewhat limited funds. The Shuffle bar is a casual bar with a great, vegan friendly food menu, and is great for the early hours of the evening and the late night as well. The happy hour that they offer includes 1+1 on all beers and 20% off on all the food menu, every day of the week! From 18:00-21:00. Sunday is maybe the beat day to go there because beers, wine and Cava are 1+1 all night long.