Unprecedented success, that is the best way to describe a bar that has been one of the funnest places in Tel Aviv for the past 9 years. It all started in one weekend in 2010 when suddenly, out of the blue, it all blew up and masses of people started to regularly go out to the Radio. Since then, the Radio has been one of the leading bars in town, especially known for it’s original musical lineup and great atmosphere.

the best bars in Tel Aviv

Radio EPGB

Even though the Radio is an underground bar and could be at times a bit dark, it is still one of the places with the best energy in the city and everybody can feel relaxed and enjoy the great sound. These days the Radio focuses on hip-hop, R&B, trap and dance hall but you can still catch many live shows by local bands and performers. In the Radio the bartenders are friendly, professional and definitely know how to mix a good cocktail.

the best bars in tel aviv

Fun since 2010

For conclusion, If you feel like having a beer with a friend in the early hours of the evening or a place to dance with awesome music late at night, you have to visit the Radio and see one of the places that made Rothschild blvd to be the central party area of Tel Aviv.