Tel Aviv is a very trendy place, there is no doubt about it. Here are some of the recent leisure and life style trends that every local or visitor to the city needs to be updated in:

1) Vegan food

Tel Aviv was recently voted as one of the vegan capitals of the world by a number of leading magazines.

That shows in a number of ways, among them are: a special mention of vegan dishes in many restaurants (even in non vegan ones), opening of several vegan and vegan friendly restaurants and as much as the recent opening of the first vegan supermarket.

The best Hummus in Tel Aviv


2) Sap (paddle board) yoga

The combination of yoga and the relaxing movement of the waves can be very special. Also taking in account the nice weather almost all year long and you got yourself an enjoyable experience all year long.

3) Escape rooms

This trend is relatively new to Tel Aviv and it’s really amazing to see the levels of ingenuity some of the rooms can reach. If you are looking to spice up your day to day routine, there’s nothing like capturing a dangerous terrorist or running away from vampires. We really recommend this one:

4) Electric bike

Not such a new thing anymore but for sure one of the things to notice when visiting Tel Aviv. It really looks like everyone, from young kids to serious business men, are driving one of this bike and boy, do they go fast.. Even though it’s a green, urban solution it could be a bit dangerous sometimes so do pay attention when walking in the streets.

5) “Midburn” festival

The “Midburn” festival is the Israeli version of the famous “Burning Man” festival in Nevada and even though it’s not really happening in Tel Aviv, it’s pretty safe to say that most of the its participants are from here. During the year you can find many events that are related to the festival and happening in Tel Aviv.

events in israel


6) Lectures in bars

Started as a way of creating business connections in a casual “out of the office” environment and quickly turned into a real trend. Now days you can hear lectures from, not only business people, but also from leading investigating journalists, academic experts and even celebrities with an interesting life story. Meetings like these happen all around the city, usually in bars but also in common work spaces and offices.

Agree with us? Great. If you don’t or have any other trends you think are worth mentioning let us know.