Johnny is a friend, Johnny is the guy you want to have a beer with, with Johnny you always feel comfortable.
So is the Johnny Boy – a bar that is like a home.

Bars in Tel Aviv

Johnny Boy – Feels like home

In the center of the busy Dizengoff Street, lies one of the nicest bars in Tel Aviv. They have a great happy hour so If you want to have a drink with friends, grab an early dinner, and, on the weekends, even get your dance moves on, the Johnny is the perfect spot.

Bars in Tel Aviv

Johnny Boy – Crazy weekends

the Johnny Boy was founded by a group of friends that decided they want to have a place where they, their friends an other young telavivians can chill out in and enjoy the city life. “We really wanted to create the coolest place in the street” says Nadav the owner “that’s why we are trying to generate a unique atmosphere and content”. When asked about what he likes about the nightlife of Tel Aviv¬† he replies: “The thing I like best is the diversity¬† You know where you start the night but never know where you going to finish it”

Johnny is waiting for you so come say hi!