It is already well known that in Tel aviv there are many things going on all year long.  Nevertheless, there are some events worth mentioning:

  1. Tel Aviv white night – Every year, around May, the city becomes alive for a whole night. Street parties and concerts,  special night tours around the city, special meals in the finest restaurants and open doors in all the museums and galleries are just part of the schedule .
  2. Gay pride weekTel aviv is one of the central LGBT destinations in the world in any normal day so imagine what is going on in this week..  Tens of thousands of people from all over the world come here for a week of sun, parties and what not.
  3. Tel aviv water war – It became a tradition and even though the city doesn’t really like it, people still meet one Friday afternoon in June with water guns and go crazy.
  4. Independence day – Israel’s independence day is a big thing here so on that night people go to the streets big time.  There’s a big fireworks show and many great parties,  oh,  and also a lot of kids with spray..
  5. Yom kipur – It might not be a crazy party day like the rest but for foreigners its a unique experience.  During that day, for 24 hours, everything stops, and I mean everything. No cars on the road and no shops open.  The city is so quiet that it’s a bit strange.  




Ido weil