Tel Aviv is one of those cities where you don’t just go out and party on a weekend. You also go out during the week, in fact, many people actually prefer to go out in the middle of the week instead of the weekend. Now we don’t just mean partying until you’re so drunk that you can’t locate your shoes (although we can certainly recommend a few places for that), we mean sitting down with your friends, enjoying a nice and relaxing beer, maybe see a live musician or two and maybe if you’re lucky – start a bit of a boogie. Either way, these are the places that are guaranteed enjoyment during the midweek in Tel Aviv. A must, go-to place for both Tel Avivians and visitors alike.

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Beer Garden

Beer Garden

Where: HaRav Reines Street, 2

The great news about the Beer Garden is that they don’t just serve a fantastic assortment of beers on tap (which they do by the way), they also serve a great selection of food, including traditional German favorites such as the pretzel and the bratwurst. The Beer Garden has one of those relaxed, and yet fun vibes that remind you of a cross of regular bar and Oktoberfest. On some occasions, this bar becomes the go-to party place of Tel Aviv (if you come on Purim, you’re guaranteed a big party here). If you come on a regular night, this place provides you with a nice and relaxed atmosphere where you can get together with your friends. The best part about all this: from Sunday-Thursday, they have a happy hour from 5:30pm-8:30pm – 50% off all drinks and food, so you can get your taste of Germany at a much cheaper price. Just be prepared to wait because there is always a line – but it is very very worth it. A must-try if you enjoy a German food and beer. 

bars in Tel AVIV

Foster Bar


Where: Shlomo Hamalekh Street, 38

During the day, this bar looks like any other unassuming place, on this semi-busy street. After 6pm, this bar turns into a Happy Hour haven. From 6pm-8:30pm, you can get some of the cheapest drinks in Tel Aviv. For less than 20 shekels, you can get a variety of house beers, in a variety of sizes. It’s at this time that Foster brings in the after-work crowd. So if you’re looking to mingle with Tel Aviv locals and drink some cheap beer, then this is the right place to come. 




Where: Allenby Street, 60

If you’re after a hipster night out, then come to HaMinzar. HaMinzar, meaning ‘The Monastery’ in Hebrew, tends to be a go-to place for the younger crowd who are looking to save a dime. There is no happy hour here because you know what, they don’t need it. A half-liter of Goldstar (a xetzi in hebrew), costs around 22 shekels. A bargain and a half. Minzar not only serves cheap drinks but also serves a great assortment of delicious meals, made with fresh fish from the market. Located in Shuk HaCarmel, it’s the perfect location for those looking to get away from the busyness of Dizengoff Square and for those who want to try a new, alternative location for a mid-week night out. 

bars in tel aviv

Sputnik – Late night


Where: Allenby Street, 112

Blink, and you might miss it. Or maybe you won’t, because on a weekend, this place has lines going down the street so it’s better to come before 11pm to avoid the massive cues! During the week, Sputnik can be quite hard to find. Located down an alley on the corner of Rothschild Boulevard and Allenby Street, Sputnik is where all of the hipsters come to enjoy their nights out. Very popular amongst both locals and tourists, Sputnik is built in a very old house that was incorporated into the city design. Sputnik is well known for playing good music (sometimes live), producing chill vibes and good drinks, and having a dance bar inside, something every Tel Avivian is ultimately looking for. Thankfully for us, Sputnik has taken care of all our wants. We would recommend booking in advance on busy nights because the place can become quite full. 

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Where: Ibn Gabirol Street, 151

HaMezeg is the place you go to if you want to drink a lot without spending too much money. HaMezeg is one of those ‘bracelet’ bars – i.e. you pay a certain pre-set amount, for example, 79 Shekels, and then you can drink all you want from the 79 shekel menu. Each pre-set menu usually features a few beers, cocktails, wines and spirits. All you have to do is decide how much you’re willing to pay. HaMezeg revolutionized the drinking culture in Tel Aviv, to the point where some bars have even started taking on this business model. A favorite with Tel Avivians, both old and new, this is the place you go if you want to have a boozy night on a budget. Because of its popularity, we would recommend booking in advance, particularly on a weekend.