We’ve updated this list for 2019, check it out here: The Best Rooftop Bars In Tel Aviv – 2019

As most of you probably know by now, the summer in Tel Aviv has officially started. When the temperatures rise there’s nothing better then sitting in an open air place and enjoying a nice summer breeze. These are our picks for rooftop bars this summer.


Suramare is a rooftop bar with an astonishing skyline view.  Reservations are needed. However, you can make one only through one of the owners. Find this discreet bar in an industrial area and the entrance is through a parking lot. After the host will greet you and make sure you are on the list, you will enter the elevator, which takes you to the 10th floor, where the rooftop bar is located. While you’re there make sure to check out the skyline view of TLV, walk past the olive tree standing in the middle of the roof, and try their delicious cocktails. This place also has an urban garden with a variety of herbs such as mint, basil, and sage, making it both unique and the perfect atmosphere to bring your friends for a relaxing night out.

The little prince

Little Prince (הנסיך קטן)

One of the best places to go in Tel Aviv is the Little Prince. One thing that sets this bar apart are the shelves of books throughout it. This place was originally a bookstore but is now a bar with amazing drinks and food. It’s located right off of major streets and close to the Carmel market. This is a place to hang out and relax when you want to experience a cozy, romantic, visually charming, and pet friendly environment. The building itself has a lot of history and was one of the first hospitals in Israel. You can also find a wide variety of books in Hebrew, Russian, French, Spanish and English. When you enter the little prince, a magical secret garden is reveled and you sometimes feel like you have entered a chapter of a book; look down for a  view of a picturesque street.


The Flamingo is located in the new “Brown beach hotel” in Ha’yarkon st. For those who remember the great rooftop bar in the original “Brown hotel” and were wondering why it is not working anymore, the Flamingo is the answer. In the Flamingo  there is an indoor and outdoor atrium with an open roofed entrance. It is within easy walking distance of many of the city’s hotpots. It is also near the beach, so on the balcony you often catch a great ocean breeze. This is the place for lounge music and endless holiday vibes in an international environment. Call ahead for reservations. Open till the last guest leaves.

Enjoy the summer in Tel Aviv and tell us how was you experience.
By: Sarah Lazear