Yo yo people! Tel Aviv is a city in which you can find almost any musical style (maybe not Bavarian folk music..), but for hip-hop lovers among you, the city is just a dream.
In any given night you can party to the sounds of old school and current day hip-hop, dance hall, trap and R&B with some of the best, local and international, DJ’s around.

For those who just love to twerk and move that ass, we made a list of the best hip-hop clubs in Tel Aviv.

Bars in Tel Aviv


Atlanta –

A true hip-hop club that has been Israel’s hip-hop Mecca for the past 6 years. The Atlanta has just moved to a new and improved location which makes it to be one of the top venues in Tel Aviv. Every Friday and Saturday night they host the G-Spot line which has started in the year 2000 and is considered to be the original home for Israeli hip-hop lovers. Together they created one of the best hip-hop parties in town with a mix of  beautiful people, intoxicating atmosphere and amazing music.

the best bars in Tel Aviv

Radio epgb

Radio E.P.G.B –

The Radio is one of the most famous dance bars in Tel Aviv and is soon celebrating it’s 13 years anniversary. In the past you could listen to hip-hop in Radio every Monday and Saturday but now they play it everyday which makes it to be the perfect spot for the beat addicts out there.
The most well known night in Radio E.P.G.B is Tuesday when they host the “Katlan” line which starts with a live rap concert by a young local MC and continues with a DJ set by the notorious Tova Swade.

best bars in Tel Aviv

Jimmy Who

Jimmy Who –

Every Saturday night in Jimmy Who the bass is cranking and the beats are pumping. This industrial designed club hosts one of the most famous hip-hop parties in town. In the Jimmy you can listen to some of the most well known classics and meet beautiful people.

Best bars in Tel Aviv - TLVnights


Drama –

Weekends in Drama can only mean one thing – PARTY TIME!
Even though the Drama offers several different music styles, the main floor is reserved for hip-hop so every Thursday and Friday night hundreds of young hip-hop lovers come to party in the place that offers one of the best experiences in town. You can really get lost in the addictive bass, darkness and smokiness.

bars in tel aviv - TLVnights

Kuli Alma

Kuli Alma –

The Kuli is a famous dance bar located near Rothschild blvd. The most recognizable feature of the place is the cool graffiti and the many crazy decorations that are hanged on the walls. Talking about music, the Kuli Alma hosts a verity of local young artists and during the weekends the vibe is electrifying with hip-hop, trap and dance hall beats that send the vibes to the roof.