P(ART)ying in Tel Aviv

A central aspect of Tel Aviv’s vibrant and dynamic nightlife is the unique local art scene in the city.

Lately, it has become popular to exhibit contemporary artwork at clubs and bars, turning every crazy night out into an artistic and cultural experience. The collaboration between art and nightlife successfully develops each cultural aspect while ensuring you get the most out of both worlds.

On one hand, the clubs with exhibition venues nurture the fresh talented artists and give them the opportunity to expose their work. On the other, the eclectic and inspiring pieces exhibited bring culture thirsty youth to the clubs – who quench themselves by viewing eccentric and innovative creations whilst having a drink, or a few.

Moreover, as a tourist with a limited amount of time and so much to see and do, this frees you from having to decide between culture and partying – and lets you experience the two at once! It also gives you the chance to discover the rising talent and new ideas emerging in the city while meeting the art savvy locals who come to scout out artistic gems.

Another great part of the artist and club cooperation is the fact that you can find pieces from the exhibitions on sale, and have the opportunity to take an original contemporary Israeli artwork back to your hometown. You never know what it will be worth someday!

Here is a list of the clubs and bars with up-to-date exhibition venues who curate the most interesting collections (make sure to check their facebook pages for info on when the exhibitions take place and what they are):

  • “Buxa” at 6 Rothchild boulevard
  • “Tahat” at 106 Iben Gabirol street
  • “Ktvt” at 1 Mikve Yisrael street
  • “Deli” at 47 Allenby street


By: Melanie Stern

מה מיוחד בסיור שלנו?

רק איתנו

הסיור שלנו הוא מקורי לגמרי ולא ניתן לראות אותו בשום מקום אחר

טכנולוגיה חדשנית

אנו משתמשים בטכנולוגיית מציאות רבודה כדי ליצור אפקטים שלא נראו כמותם

הדיל המשתלם

סיור הגרפיטי הזול ביותר בת"א

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