Tel Aviv is one of the most expensive cities in the world, that is a fact. It was actually ranked as the most expensive city in the world in 2021 and the prices only continue to rise. Because of this, many locals and tourists frantically search for the most affordable places to grab a drink with friends. Here we have provided a few places that offer some of the cheapest drinks you can find at bars or the best places to pregame before a night out in the city of Tel Aviv. 

WHere to drink in tel aviv

Cofix bar

Cofix Bar

  • Cofix is mainly known as a chain of coffee shops that has been open in Tel Aviv for over a decade. Their main goal is to provide the most affordable drinks and food options for their customers. In the past few years, Cofix has been expanding rapidly with new locations opening up in Israel and now provide alcoholic beverages from afternoon hours to evenings in their store on Allenby street, known as Cofix Bar. Alcohol at Cofix Bar is about half the price than the rest of bars in the busy Rothschild area. You can get yourself a chaser shot for about 6 NIS, an incredible price for alcohol in the city of Tel Aviv. Cofix bar is quickly becoming the go to pre game spot in Tel Aviv! 
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  • For those looking for a night of all you can drink but on a budget, Hamezeg is the place to go. Located at Ibn Gabirol St, which is a popular area with many bars of different prices and themes. It’s one of the cheapest places to get alcohol in Tel Aviv because of their alcohol “plans” which range from basic plans that include unlimited beer and the deals go up to wine and liquor. This plan has been a big success because it gives its users an alternative to other liquor store prices in Tel Aviv, which can be high when not ordering in bulk. Being one of the first all you can drink bars in Israel, Hamezag offers a great time on unlimited beer, wine and vodka, so whether you want just one drink or you want to get drunk on a Friday night – this bar is perfect for you! 
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  • Tel Aviv is a city that is known for its nightlife. For example, the number of bars in Tel Aviv is higher than the number of schools. There are many clubs that provide alcohol at a cheaper price than other places in the world. One of these clubs is Radio, located on Shadal St, Radio offers drinks for a discounted price compared to other clubs in the city. They have a cheap drink philosophy that is aimed to offer drinks at a cheaper price to encourage more alcohol purchases. 
cheapest places to drink in tel aviv

Salon Berlin

Salon Berlin

  • A tourist favorite, Salon Berlin Pub is one of the cheapest places to get alcohol, more so during their famous happy hour times. Salon Berlin is also one of the few bars that are open on Shabbat. Located on Najara Street, the pub offers delicious beer or good cider and features happy hour 1+1 on all drink, sat Sun-Thu, 18:00-22:30. They are commonly known as one of the cheapest places to get good beer which has earned them the title, “cheap as in Berlin.” This bar has become pretty known because of its low price and the colorful clientele.