Tel Aviv is known for having top clubs, restaurant and bars – many respected on an international level.

Tel Avivians are known for being passionate about going out and having fun – and the nightlife scene in Tel Aviv is just as lively and bustling as you’d expect. Some will think that in winter things come down a bit in Tel Aviv but a little cold and rain don’t scare us! Here are some of the best places to eat, drink or dance this coming winter.

Radio E.P.G.B – club/bar

Although it may not look like a club from the outside, this a cool little gem of a place can boast having fun vibes and great music. This venue is the kind of place where everyone is welcome, no matter what. You’ll be able to enjoy a fun crowd while listening to some of the best DJ’s in town. Many tourists who visit here, end up coming back for more, so beware!

Where? 7 Shadai, Tel Aviv

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Puaa – restaurant

The Puaa is a Mediterranean restaurant known for its fantastic atmosphere. You’ll have the option of enjoying high quality, excellent fresh food, in a welcoming and warm atmosphere that will leave you feeling at home. If the weather allows it, sit outside to take in the vibes. Our favorite is the crumbed cauliflower (it’s even more delicious than how it sounds)

Where? 8 Rabi Yokhanan, Jaffa, Tel Aviv 6813814, Israel

Biggy Z – pub/bar

In such an expensive city, it’s great to find a bar that indeed offers excellent value. How does it work? You pay a fixed price for a range of drinks (beer=cheaper, long drinks=a bit more expensive but still cheap) and drink as much as you want, It’s that simple! Beyond that? This bar is a 3-minute walk from the beach. You will find a mix of locals and tourists, a comfortable atmosphere and excellent service. Try to reserve a table in advance if you can.

Where? 18 Bograshov, Tel Aviv 6334209, Israel

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Sputnik bar – pub/bar

This place is a cool and hip bar, with a young, relaxed and friendly crowd (did anyone say, hipster?). The space is well decorated and designed, and has an excellent vibe for a fun night out. We would recommend arriving early (around 21:30) to get a spot in the beautiful garden or book in advance- Thursdays and Fridays are packed.

Where? 122 Allenby, Tel Aviv

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Sputnik – Late night

Voodoo Bar – pub/bar

One of the coolest things about Tel Aviv’s nightlife. People who visit this bar describe it as an urban jungle. Your senses will tingle and might even be overwhelmed by the energetic music, colorful and artistic decor and trendy vibes. The food and drinks are excellent, though we highly recommend the cocktails, they are amongst the best in Tel Aviv.

Where? Ben Tsion 1, Tel Aviv

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the best dance bars in tel aviv


We guarantee that if you go to any of the above venues, you’ll experience the best of the Tel Aviv nightlife scene. You will fall in love with the food, drinks, aromas, sounds and most importantly – the people. Stay warm, and have an awesome winter!

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