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the best dj’s in Tel Aviv – TLVnights

For some music enthusiasts the phrase “god is a dj” could not be closer to the truth. In the city of Tel Aviv the electronic genre is one of leading music genres so the main clubs make sure that their line ups are up to date and booked with some of the top names in the business. Although there are many great dj’s coming to play in Tel Aviv from all over the world, we want to finally answer the question:

Who is the best local dj in Tel Aviv?

In order to answer that complex question, we asked the owners of some of the best clubs in The city who do they think should have that honor. Here are the conclusions.

the best bars in tel aviv

Radio e.p.g.b – Fun since 2010

Ariel Klachkin (Radio e.p.g.b) – For me, the best dj in Tel Aviv is SABO. Today he is making some great records for leading record labels in Europe and the US under the name Oves Nanur. I like his ability to adjust himself to his audience while still keeping his style. He also plays many tracks that he produced by himself.

Dudi Lander (Alpha bet,  Otto)  – I think that at the moment the leading dj’s in Tel Aviv are Red axes. They complement each other and have their own musical style. They also make their own music and perform with it all over the world.

Check out Red Axes here:

Yoni Kantero (Sputnik, Dailyz) – I will have to say that in my opinion the best ones are Na-Ti & Donna tellos. Na-ti always captures us with his eclectic style and perfect sense for the floor. House, techno and sometimes hip hop, every set becomes an adventure with him. I highly recommend to listen to one of his all nighters so you can understand his full story.
Donn tellos – Danny Baron and Tomer grady are the perfect selectors with a diverse range of electronic music, from house to metallic techno. They put a big emphasis on perfect mixing and I totally recommend to catch one of their late night techno sets.

Yossi Aichenboim (The cat&dog, Tailor made) – Mark Finkel, the resident of The cat&dog is the number 1 dj in town, in my opinion. After an impressive performance in the rock garden party and an even better one in our party in France, he really broke out. Now he is working on a new project called “Fashion victimz” with Vicky Mekrians and soon they will release some tracks in international labels.

Listen to Mark F here:

If you feel that these guys got it all wrong and yo have no doubt who is the dj in Tel Aviv please share with us. If you want to see these dj’s and more in action, join one of our pub crawl tours.