The best Sufganiot

After almost two months without any holiday (a lot in Jewish terms), we are glad to welcome the holiday of Hanuka.

In Hanuka, we celebrate the miracle of the small can of oil that lasted for 8 full days and gave light to the besieged Jews in the holy temple.

Another, tastier, reason to celebrate Hanuka is that it brings with it the Sufgania. This traditional pastry is kind of a heavenly donut filled with jam, chocolate or any other yummy filling.

These days you can find Sufganiot almost everywhere but for the real special ones you need to know where to get them.

Let’s see if we can help.

sufganiot in tel aviv


Roladin –

This chain of coffee shops was known for many years as THE place for Sufganiot, with massive lines of people wanting to get one before the holiday.

This year they came up with some winners in the form of the “Green Queen” with pistachios, almonds, white chocolate and mascarpone cheese or the “Pekanillia” with pecans, white chocolate and a shot of caramel.

sufganiot in tel aviv

Shemo Bakery

Shemo –

A claimed pastry chef, Miki Shemo, created a series of beautiful looking Sufganiot for Hanuka of 2017 and to be honest, it’s kind of a shame to eat them.

Our favorite was Ferrero Roche with nugget and chocolate pearls.

sufganiot in tel aviv

Metuka Bakery

Metuka –

Getting right to business, we tasted a few of their Sufganiot and they were all amazing. If we need to choose so it probably the “Limonchelo” with delicious, rich cream and a topping of Lemon Meringue. If you have a more sophisticated taste Metuka is the place for you.

Sufganiot in tel aviv

Dalal Bakery

Dalal –

In the picturesque neighborhood of Neve Zedek, there’s a cute bakery with great pastries. If you are strolling around the area don’t miss out on their Pistachio or Dolce de Leche Sufganiot.

As simple as they look, the tasteful they are.

Where? 10 Shabazi St

Sufganio 2017

Backdoor Bakery

Backdoor –

This year the Backdoor bakery joined hands with the local whiskey distillery, Milk & Honey, and created a Sufgania for grown-ups.

The “Chocolate – Whiskey” is a combination of chocolate gnash and locally distilled single malt whiskey. Cheers!


Next time we’ll tell you all about the best gyms in Tel Aviv because you’re definitely going to need it.

Happy Hanuka.