Ido Weil

For me, a big part of enjoying a night out in a bar is a lot about absorbing the atmosphere. The people, the music, the decoration and also the saff members. If everything works well, I mean the people are cool and having a good time, the music is pumping and the sound is clear and the bartenders give a show, it’s a like a well oiled machine. Thats why  When I arrive in a bar, especially if it’s a place I have never been to before, I always try to seat on the far corner of the bar. Why you ask? Well, in most bars the corener facing the entrance on the far end of the bar  has the best view of the place. You can see the whole room and the people that come in to the place.

As a person that have worked in many bars and restaurants before, I know that feeling of a good service person. If you really have it in you, you will enjoy the energy of your costumers and if they are happy, so you will be. Especially true for those moments when the place is full and you are runing from costumer to costumer, trying to provide attention to as many people as possible and still get your job done. For me it was kind of a trance, and if things work as planned it’s a great feeling.

I sure hope that the next time you go to a bar or a restaurant your bartender/waiter will be friendly and helpfull.

Oh, and dont forget to leave a tip 🙂