By: Ido Weil

Tel aviv is known for its rebellious underground scene. Dark, and sleazy , the underground parties start usually only after most “conventional” places have said farewell to their last costumer.
Here is a short list of some of the ones:
1) The cat&dog – really famous, even for those who are not really part of the scene. With cool deep house and a diverse crowd this is a must place.
2) Breakfast club – one of the first real underground spots in Tel aviv. This place used to host some of the most “hardcore” parties in the city. Even though its a bit More tamed these days it still one of the best parties in town.
3 )Radio e.p.g.b – a bit more friendly but still underground  , this place plays different kind of music every day with a verity of local and foreign dj’s. Electric atmosphere!
4) passaz – creativity is the name of the game here. Week days there are Shows and exhibitions and during the weekend crazy parties.

If its getting late and you feel the owl in you, go to one of this clubs. If you can find them of course..