Tel Aviv ya Habibi, oh what a city. People who visit it don’t want to leave it and those who leave it just wish to come back and feel the warm water of the Mediterranean sea, taste the fresh street food and party with the locals.

As veteran travelers, we know how hard it is to find the real quality activities, those who make you feel like a local.

people in tlv

People in Tel Aviv

If you are new to Tel Aviv or been living here for years, you are sure to find interesting things on our updated list of things to do in Tel Aviv:


Tel Aviv is a very creative place. For contemporary art Check out some of the city’s galleries like the recently opened “Gallery 21“, “Artstation Gallery” or visit the “Helena Rubinstein contemporary art museum” on Tarsat Blvd 6. If you are more of a classic person, check out the “Tel Aviv museum of art“, where you can find pieces from Robens, Hunthurst, Tenirs and other significant local and international artists.

If it’s street art that your mind craves, check out the artist neighborhood of Florentine, there you can find many art works of local artists. Another great spot for graffiti is the 7th floor of the central bus station. There you can find a permanent exhibition of graffiti works.



The mix of eastern and western cultures created a unique fusion of culinary styles. The common to all of the different types of food in Israel is the use of fresh, flavorful ingredients.

The local highlights are, of course, the Hummus, Falafel and Shawarma which you can find on any street corner. More street food that you have to try are the Sabih (fried eggplant, a boiled egg and salads in a pita bread) and Shakshuka (tomatoes, onion, garlic, pepper and eggs).
In the local markets, you can also find street food from Yemen, Morocco, Mexico, Venezuela Iraq, Iran, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and many other countries in the world.

If it’s fine dining you are looking for, Tel Aviv has a lot to offer as well. Local restaurants like “Aria“, “Mashia” and “Kitchen market” in the port of Tel Aviv are just a small but highly recommended list of restaurants offering a local interpretation on classic cuisine.

Cycling around

Tel Aviv is not a huge city, that’s why renting a bicycle is a great way to move around. If it’s the green city bike or a private rental, there are many places where you can rent a bicycle for a day or a week. With the bike, you can do a two-hour tour in old Jaffa, have lunch in the flea market, check out Sarona market and the old Templar colony and then drive to Hayarkon Park for a nice afternoon picnic.


What makes Tel Aviv a proper party city is definitely the fact that there are many awesome parties going on every day of the week, not just on the weekends.

Let’s start with hip hop lovers. Saturday is definitely the night for you people, with many great classic and modern hip hop parties. One of the best is The “Jimmy who” club on Rothschild 24. Another party worth checking out is “Radio e.p.g.b” on Shadal 7.

For more electronic music check out “The Block” on Thursdays, “Alphabet” any day from Wednesday to Saturday, “Pasaz” on Mondays, “Bootleg” on Fridays and the “Breakfast club” all weekend long.

You can also find free concerts with local artists almost every day of the week. For example, Mondays/Wednesdays in “Rothschild 12”, “Teder” on weekdays, live Jazz shows in “The Space” on Tuesdays

Finally, it’s always nice and easier to meet people in a new city by joining a pub crawl. As a matter of fact, unlike other pub crawls around the world, in Tel Aviv the “TLVnights pub crawl” is also the best way to see the nightlife. Besides the free drinks you get, they will take you to the best bars and clubs in town every weekend.

Have a great holiday in Tel Aviv and tell your friends at home all about this magical place.