Naturally, Summer in a beach city is a very exciting time. Tel Aviv is no different. Usually, in early May you start hearing many different languages in the street and seeing a lot more tanned tourists.

Around that time, Restaurants, bars and clubs start getting ready for the coming season, mainly by refreshing their menus and hiring additional staff. This is also the time when seasonal places start opening up, mainly next to the beach. We made a short list of the top nightlife spots this summer:


A vibrant and classy place, located in the new port of Tel Aviv. Here you can find Tel Aviv’s most glamorous people and enjoy a drink or two with the ocean breeze.


In this beautiful renovated bauhouse building lies one of the most talked about places in Tel Aviv today. The beautifull balcony that oversees Rothschild blvd guarantees that it will be one of the top hangouts places this summer.


Like good wine, The Clara beach bar only gets better and better with every year. Located in the old dolphinarium bulding, the Clara can fit more then a 1000 guests. Here you will find a nice mix of locals and tourists, all want to see and be seen. Make sure you book a table in advance otherwise you will be standing all night long.


The Spootnik is a really cool bar with some great electronic music, but the thing that makes us put it on our list is the huge balcony. ¬†Covered during the winter but in the summer it’s really nice to have a beer under the open sky.

Lima Lima

For many years the Lima lima has been one of the best clubs in Tel Aviv. Known for the famous gay parties every Monday and crazy hip hop nights on the weekend, the Lima gives those who danced like crazy a chance to rest a bit in the outside patio.

For conclusion, it’s going to be a warm summer.


Ido Weil