Home made food in TLV


There is nothing like home cooked food in the middle of a hard days work, to give us enough energy to keep going. In the past, there were many little restaurants all over the city serving home-like food to workers, often cooked in huge pots by Jewish grandmas holding the secrets of recipes passed from generation to generation.

Recently, many of these restaurants have made quite a comeback, due to their honest and authentic approach to serving food. They serve delicious meals in large quantities at great prices. What more do you need?

Kiki – Israeli and Moroccan cuisine

At Kiki’s you’ll be served homemade hummus, fresh handmade couscous, soups and dishes served with Moroccan spices such cumin, turmeric and many more.

Where:  Dizengoff 147 Tel Aviv

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Shamshiri – Persian Cuisine

A fabulous Persian restaurant, which serves traditional Persian cuisine such as dolma ( stuffed grape leaves), Gondi Nochodi (dumplings made from meat and chickpea flour) and many other Jewish Persian dishes. Prices vary from 40-60 NIS per person.

Where? Nahalat Binyamin St. 99, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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Habarbari – Middle Eastern

Although this is not a restaurant, but rather a little stall – the meat served here is delicious, fresh, served directly from the grill and spiced to perfection. The skewered meat is served straight into a warm pita with fresh amba (pickled mango) and homemade tahini.

Where? Kedem St 60, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Hanan Margilan – Bukharan Cuisine

A charming restaurant that serves traditional Bukharan (Buchari) food  Central Asian cuisine, as well as Turkish, had a powerful influence on the Jews from Uzbekistan. You can find a flaky dough pastry stuffed with lamb meat, Osh palov and kebab grilled over coals and served with white onion and other delicacies. This food is pure comfort food that has also been widely acclaimed by Israeli chefs.

Where? Mesilat Yesharim St 15, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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Juli – Egyptian Food

In a little restaurant that can be easily mistaken for a simple home, Grandma Juli and her daughter serve the customers as if they were all just one big family. Before you sit down, be sure to walk into the kitchen, peek into the many pots and decide on the spot which food your heart desires. You’ll enjoy dishes served with spiced rice and other o’dourves. The experience of being hosted in such a home-like manner, and the excellent service and food will make you want to come back for more.

Where?  Malan St 42, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Dizengoff Center Food Fair

Every Thursday and Friday, food stalls pop up In the heart of this bustling shopping center. You’ll be able to find dishes from almost every ethnicity; Iraqi, Moroccan, Persian, Ashkenazi, Argentinian, Ethiopian, Yemenite and many more. If you’re a vegan, don’t fret! There also vegan food stalls as fruit shake stalls. The food may be packaged in little boxes so you can enjoy the food while sitting on the beach.

Enjoy our recommendations and think of home.