The best cocktail in Tel Aviv

Say what you will but, cocktails are like the gourmet food of alcohol. The possibilities of combining endless ingredients and create a range of flavors and textures have created a new breed of mixologists that are fighting for the title of “Most Innovative mixologist”.

The newest bars in Tel Aviv

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In Tel Aviv, as worthy of a city that considers itself as a source of innovation, it is common to find original cocktails in almost every bar or restaurant that respects themselves (and there are many). Two great examples for the role of Tel Aviv professionals in the global scene are the runner-up of “world class” 2015 competition, Ariel Leizgold and the inclusion of the a claimed “Imperial Cocktail bar” in the prestigious top 50 bars in the world list of “World’s 50 Best Bars media group”.

We asked some of the leading mixologists in Tel Aviv for their favorite cocktail in Tel Aviv and these are some of the answers we got.

The newest bars in Tel Aviv

Nacho Libre

The winning cocktail from “World Series Israel” competition is “a special and unique twist on a classic margarigta” says Tsahi Ben Amram, owner of “Jasper Jones” cocktail bar. With Tequila Don Julio Blanco, chili oil, green Chartreuse and agave syrup it will give you a real kick and a great mix of flavors.

Served in “Jasper bar”.

Red Hook

A recommendation from mixology consultant and bar owner Dan Kritzer. It is a classic cocktail, made to perfection in the “Guest Room” bar. It is a stirred cocktail which means its more alcoholic and contains rye whiskey, Chinar and Maraschino that gives it a yummy bitterness.


Another favorite by Dan Kritzer is this delicious classic tequila-based cocktail Juschu. This cocktail was discovered in a recipe book from 1940! With tequila, honey, fresh lime juice and Angostura bitter it has everything a cocktail lover can wish for.

Served in the “Guest Room” bar.


A wonderful cocktail from “Rothschild 12” based on Campary, jin, passion fruit and fresh lime juice. Besides being super delicious and fresh, the Jasmin goes really well with the atmosphere of the bar and of Tel Aviv in general. Bittersweet – sour and most of all refreshing.

Served in “Rothschild 12” and all of R2M’s locations.

Dos Santos

Our favorite cocktail from the guys over at “Imperial cocktail bar”. As worthy for one of the top 50 bars in the world, the Dos Santos is a visual and tasteful experience you will not forget.

St. Germain liqueur and St. James Agricole rum are shaken with Courvoisier cognac, star fruit, lime, honey and apple cider vinegar to create a fruity & sour flavor with a kick.

Served in “Imperial cocktail bar”.

Enjoy the drinks and have a great weekend.