The best 5 dining bars in Tel aviv

By: Ido Weil

Food is a big part of any vacation. Luckily, Tel Aviv is one of the food Capitals of the world so, if you are planing your next vacation in Tel Aviv or if you are already here and want to know the best places to wine&dine, this one is for you.

1) Next door – This cosy 12 seat bar is the alcoholic young brother of the famous meat restaurant “Meat bar”. Sharing some the restaurant’s meet supply , this place incorporates a delightful menu with an intimate atmosphere.
2)  Par derier – The “Back door”, as its called in French, is a hidden  wine bar off the busy King George st. As you cross the narrow corridor, a magical garden appears. A great variety of wines and of course the menu to go with them.
3) Hamara – Located in a smoky, dark back room of the famous “Refael” restaurant, this place is the perfect mix of some medetrenian vibe and prestige . The place is not cheap but worth every penny.
4) Suara mara – Pressing the top floor button on the elevator will take you up to this very fashionable roof top resto bar. With an amazing view of the city the food tastes even better.
5)   Vicky Christina – After so many years this super hot tapas bar doesn’t get old. If the venue wont wow you, the food and cocktails will. Worth a visit
Bon Appetite..

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