Tel Aviv’s best dessert places

Eating dinner is all well and good. But a night out is not worth it without having a dessert of some sort to soothe your sweets craving, following a delicious meal in one of the many great restaurants Tel Aviv has to offer. But where to go? What to choose? You can always go to one of the numerous ice cream places in Tel Aviv. You could even just walk down the street and randomly choose a dessert bar. Or, you can take our recommendation and go to one of the following delicious places to end your night out on a high. 

best dessert places in tel aviv

Anita Gelato

Anita’s Gelato

Where: Pines Street, 40; Rav Aluf David Elazar Street, 16; Florentine Street, 3

People coming to Israel will know about Anita’s Gelato – probably the best ice cream in Tel Aviv. Anita’s is famed for its large selection of ice cream options, as well as the unlimited toppings frozen yogurt option. The frozen yogurt can even be mixed with an acai blend, adding to the unlimited combination of flavors possible. If you can’t decide which flavors to get, no worries; the fun-loving people who work at Anita’s are only too happy to help you choose the best flavor combinations. All you have to do is show up, and tell them what you feel like. They will take care of the rest. 

dessert places in tel aviv

Lior Koka Dessert Bar

Lior Koka’s Desserts Booth

Where: Rothschild Boulevard, 10

When approaching this place from the side, it looks like a bit like a small kiosk or maybe a ticket counter of some sort? Maybe a place you can get a map of the area. In fact, this place is a one-of-a-kind dessert booth, serving a variety of delicious dessert options to soothe any craving. This little booth serves some of the most gluttonous desserts you can dream of. From milkshakes, to ice cream or cookies – you can choose whatever you would like. Just be prepared to stand in lines, because Lior’s is a popular place among the locals. 

dessert places in tel aviv

Knafe Yafo

Knafe Yafo

Where: Oley Zion 24, Tel Aviv

If you want a place to eat Middle Eastern desserts, then go no further than Kanafenji. Located in Florentine’s newest hot spot, Kanafanji specializes in Knafeh; an Arabic dessert made from shredded pastry, layers of cheese, all brought together with a sugary syrup. However, knafeh isn’t the only thing this trendy place has to offer. You can order anything from baklava, to creamy malabi, or  tasty basbousas – all of which you can eat with an Arabic coffee or an assortment of beers and juices. In essence, this is your go-to place to eat tasty middle eastern desserts. 

dessert oplaces in tel aviv

Milk Bakery

Milk Bakery

Where: Beit Eshel Street, 5

If you want a taste of Paris in the Middle East, then look no further than Milk Bakery. A French patisserie, this is the place to go to relax in a quaint little chic cafe in the heart of the Old City Of Jaffa. The desserts in this bakery aren’t just appealing to the taste, but also to the eye. Made to be visually pleasing, these deserts are the go-to place for Instagrammable food. You’ll be blown away by the combination of flavors and beauty the chefs at Milk Bakery produce. A must if you’re already wondering through Jaffa. 

dessert places in tel aviv

Nola American Bakery

Nola American Bakery

Dizengoff Street, 197

If you’re having a craving for New Orleans, then go to Nola. Nola isn’t just a bakery, it’s also a very popular breakfast place, which serves delicious portions of America’s best. However, the real winner at this cafe isn’t their hashbrowns or morsels of American goodness, it’s their baked goods which they bake freshly on site. Come here and feel like you’re sitting in a diner in the American South and treat yourself to one of their famous cakes, cookies or bread. Either way, you’re bound to find something here to delight your sweet tooth.

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