Tel Aviv is one of the world’s top party cities, and it’s easy to see why. The nightlife here goes all night long, with bars and pubs first starting to fill up around early evening with many “after work” bars that offer “Happy Hour” deals on food and drinks and continues with underground clubs that go until the early morning. .

While you’re sure to have a fun time any night of the week, Thursday and Friday nights are the biggest nights, when the clubs are most crowded and lively. If we are talking about bars in Tel Aviv, we have to talk about Teder FM:

bars in tel aviv


The famous Teder FM is one of the best venues for events in the city, very popular with young and cool people in Tel Aviv. Established originally as an underground radio station, Teder, which means frequency in hebrew, used to be a pop-up bar that changed locations every summer. As a result of their great success, the bar/radio station decided to settle in a fixed place, and made Biet Romano (Derech Jaffa 9-Tel Aviv-Yafo), their permanent residence. Open every night of the week, the place starts at 19:00h and ends around 3:00am, with entrance allowed for people from 23 years old. Teder is also a pet friendly bar, so you can bring your pet to enjoy the night with you. 

bars in tel aviv

Live concerts

The entrance door to Teder is not very visible from the street with a very small and unpretentious door that says nothing of the impressive venue. Inside Teder you can enjoy 5 different spaces, each with its own vibe: a record store, a club, a gallery, the House of Solidarity and Romano restaurant. They also have their own online radio station with a series of conversations and thoughts with artists, thinkers and others.

Teder is the perfect combination of Radio+ Bar + Food + Vibes. It’s unpretentious and cool, with outdoor tables in the open air for sitting with friends for hours, relaxing while listening to good music, enjoying nice drinks and having a nice dinner. 

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Teder Pizza

The Teder’s famous pizza is a new addition from Tel Aviv celebrity chef Eyal Shani’s first pizza restaurant, serving huge delicately-thin-crust pizza with great chunks of melting mozzarella. Don’t forget to try their amazing pizza!