The motto –  “the city that never sleeps” was given to Tel Aviv back in the early 80’s, way before the LGBT revolution. Than we came and turned Tel Aviv to a nonstop city with ADD. The combination of beautiful beaches, amazing nightlife scene, incredible culture and cuisine, fantastic listed Bauhaus architecture, summer and beautiful people made Tel Aviv to the gayest city in the Middle East and one of the best gay friendly cities in the world.

The extravagant Pride Week events take place annually at the beginning of the summer ( , when the sun shines brightly on the Tel Aviv shores. This is one unforgettable week, as Gay tourists from all over the world join us, the locals, to celebrate our freedom to be what we want to be. For us, the locals, pride week is a very special event, as we celebrate the huge changes that have been made in LGBT rights in the past years, and the changes that needs to be made  ( hopefully) in the near future.  Since the LGBT scene here had been change dramatically over the last 20 years, pride week is a very happy event for us, the locals. We congratulate all travelers from all over the world that come to celebrate pride with us. The locals are well known for their warm and welcoming hospitality.

Tel Aviv is a world hub and capital of gay vibrancy and pride, a paradise combining golden beaches with a world-class nightlife every day of the year. Pride week is super extreme and the gayest weekend of the year, as the city hall building lights in rainbow colors, rainbow flags are hung on Street light and on the streets. Gays, lesbians, bi, trance and straights from all ages, locals and foreigners, march together in the streets of Tel Aviv. This year the parade will start at 10:00 am at Meir Garden.  The parade will go through the streets of Tel Aviv and end with the famous beach party that will be held from 3pm till sunset.
The parade is an official event arranged by the LGBT organizations and the municipality of Tel Aviv. But, it’s only one event out of more than 50 events that are going to take place throughout pride week. There are many day events and parties, and a lot of locals and tourist that will go to these events (especially to the parties) so we hope that you join us soon in Tel Aviv!

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