Shimon Wanda is a multi-disciplinary artist from Haifa that was born in 1989 in Kiryat Yam.

He began drawing at a very young age to become a self thought artist, even though, he came from a family that had no background or interest in art. Colors provided him with happiness from a very young age.

Shimon Wanda - graffiti artist - TLVnights

Shimon Wanda – graffiti artist – TLVnights

As an artist, Shimon believes in testing the limits and exploring various techniques and styles. For him It is necessary to obtain the passion from other places and his inspiration is gained from daily life experiences.
In his work, Shimon masters a combination of new techniques and materials. For him, the experience of challenges and the discovery of new worlds has kept him going and nourished his desire to move foreword.

Shimon’s  goal is to never stop creating and doing art and focus on taking the thoughts to places one does not know.
These days, he is taking part and in the “beta” art of Ethiopian collective which is a close subject to him, as a son of Ethiopian jews that migrated to Israel. He is also a part of “BEYOND THE WALLS” –  a collective of artists that works mainly in the center of the country.

Shimon Wanda - graffiti artist - TLVnights

Shimon Wanda

Shimon Wanda paints acrylic and spray oil paintings, murals, portraits, contemporary digital works
In a variety of styles. His art is meant to convey feelings as powerful as possible; he inspires himself from his origins and surroundings and always aims to create strong connections with the audience.

His intention is always to give joy and strength through his art and he’s always looking to participate in projects that provide a stage for young emerging artists.

You can come and see Shimon wanda’s original art works on our “A story of a city” graffiti tour.