By: Ido Weil

If you consider the term “night life” it implies that our world is divided to 2 kinds of dimensions. In the first –  people of the “day life” world, waking up, going to work, having lunch, taking the bus/train home, standing in traffic, eating dinner in front of the t.v, watching life around them move in fast forward. And then, there is the second dimension.. this dark and beautiful world is inhabited by a species of nocturnal night walkers, devouring alcohol and drugs like they were blood for vampires. Addicted to corruption (for them corruption is not bribe, its a mix of lust, emotions and intoxication). For the night walkers the day is just that useless time until the night comes. At 18:00-19:00 the senses start to sharpen and the eyes can be opened widely without squinting.
I admit, maybe i saw too many horror movies, but i am one of those night walkers. Even as a baby and a young child i was a lot more active at nights. Its like there is something about the quietness of the night that helps me concentrate, a kind of clearness. I sometimes have the most creative ideas at night and a very clear way of implementing them but  come morning time they become a mash of unclear  leftovers of thoughts. Why the long prefix? those of you that just wanted to know “where is a good place to grab a beer?”might ask, i dont really know. Maybe to give you a clue what is it to be a night person for me..

In this series of blogs i will write about the night life as a occupation in general and also on the night life of places i have been in the world and thought are worth mentioning. so, seat back and enjoy 🙂