Bachelor/ette party in Tel Aviv

Congratulations, your best friend is getting married and you drew the short straw of planning the stag/hen party. You could decide on taking the easy path and just do something simple like a Makrame workshop, a big night out in town or just a nice dinner but, you want to be a good friend (and the one everyone is taking about in the wedding..), and organize a special event.

Let’s agree that going away on a holiday is usually everyone’s preferred option (except for that annoying person who has to stay home with the kids). I mean what could be better than getting wasted for 3 days with a group of friends in some sunny destination, all while giving the country your from a bad reputation. So what are the options?  Greece? Been there, done that and don’t feel like rubbing shoulders with a bunch of drunk, over cooked 18 year old’s. Eastern Europe? Great for cheap beer but again, been there, done that. Also, its pretty cold most year long, the food is blend and the Russians are coming. How about a new destination?

How about Tel Aviv?

If you haven’t heard, Tel Aviv was voted as the most fun city in the world (Go look it up..). What can a group of young people ask more than beautiful sandy beaches, some of the best food in the world, great looking people where ever you look and some of the most amazing nightlife?

Here are some suggestions for activities that will make your party unforgettable:

stag party tel aviv

Boat ride

A boat ride along the coastline of Tel Aviv –

Tel Aviv is located on the shores of the Mediterranean sea and boasts a wide strip of beach. Sailing along its coastline is a great opportunity the view the city from a different angle. Add some drinks and music and you also get a boat party. You can look for a boat ride yourself or book a 2-3 ride on a brand new Katamarn, fully loaded with snacks, beers and floaties so you can jump in the water.

best summer clubs in tel aviv

Summer clubs Tel Aviv

Book a private table in the best clubs –

The nightlife of Tel Aviv is absolutely mental. Every day of the week there are cool things happening around the city and people love to party until the early morning. If you come with a big group and want to avoid the hassle of waiting in line to get in, better book a table in advance. That will assure you don’t stand in line like the commoner’s and you have a good sitting area. In order to book a table in a club, you will usually have to buy a bottle of alcohol or two, depending on how many people in your group.

hen party tel aviv

Graffiti tour

Take a city tour – 

Other then beach and parties, Tel Aviv has a lot more to offer. Because you have a limited amount of time (and you want to tell people that you did other things than just get drunk and party), an urban tour is a great option. Try a street art tour, food tour or even a Bauhause tour to discover the city’s unique architectural style.

bachelor party tel aviv


Rent a surfboard – 

Ok, that might not be you in the picture but still, you have a sea in very close proximity, why not take advantage? Along the beach of Tel Aviv you can find several surfing center that offer surf rentals and even classes so, its time to cross another item off your bucket list and hit the waves. Just make sure the sea is not too ruff and you have good insurance. Oh, surfers in Tel Aviv can be a bit sensitive about their local waters so try not to step bump into anyone’s board by mistake.

parties for white night

TLVnights pub crawl

Do a pub crawl – 

Back to partying! Ok, so you have 2-3 in Tel Aviv, everyone in the group prefers a different kind of music and venue and you just had enough of trying to please everyone. The solution: Join a pub crawl! This way you get to visit a verity of places (everyone happy? almost), you have someone that will get you through the Q and you get to meet other people on the way. Another opportunity to give your country a bad reputation.

Day tours

Take a day tour to the Dead sea/Jerusalem –

You wake up from another alcoholic night, still wearing the same cloths from the club and you ask yourself :”I traveled all the way to Israel just to drink myself to forgetfulness?”  If the answer is no, you might want to check some of what this diverse country has to offer. Just an hour ride from Tel Aviv you can find the most holy city in the world – Jerusalem. Maybe its worth taking a break from the party and see what is so special about the city people have been fighting over all of these years. Another relatively close option (just an hour and half from Tel Aviv), is the Dead sea. Besides being the lowest place on earth, it is also a sea (more of a lake now), full of minerals and salts that are supposed to be great for the skin. A few selfies in Jerusalem and people will think that you are a real cultural person.