Are you planning a month vacation or just a few days to visit Malta? Then this is the right season to pack your bags and book a flight.

Of course, Malta offers a lot to everybody throughout the year, but this summer is undoubtedly the bomb for parties. There’s a lot to see that you will get a headache trying to figure out which to sacrifice for the other.

Don’t worry; there is no need to pick a problem over it – not when we’ve done the work to outline the hottest events happening in Malta this season. We included the dates to make your nightlife planning easier and apt.

Take a look at some of them:


Date: All year round

You didn’t really think we’d complete a post without at least one thing to do in paceville, right? This comes first on our list and it is definitely the best nightlife activity in Malta. The pub crawl has you visiting all the clubs, discoteches and party spots in St Julian’s. Check out the rest of the list and discover some seasonal, annual activities.

  • GhanaFest


Date: Late June 2019

It is still a few weeks away from the kick off of Ghanafest, but the heat its news is already building is enough reason to know that it is an event to experience.

Ghanafest is a two-day music festival that happens in the beautiful surroundings of Buskett Gardens. It is probably the most famous music festival in Malta, so there’s no way you won’t want to be here, especially if you will love to network while listening to some of the best local traditional music.

The event also gives room for foreign bands to take the stage and deliver their best, so if you are a lover of international music and lifestyle, you’ll still not miss a second in this beautiful festival this June.

  • Malta Music Week


Date: 27th June – 01st July 2019

Ask a tour guard to advise you on the best event to see this season in Malta, and their first recommendation would probably be the Music Week.

Every year, this one week of music festival hosted by G7 Events in collaboration with the Malta Tourism Authority takes center stage in entertaining people and attracting tourists from around the world.

If you want to network with music lovers from different parts of the world, then this is the right place to be in because it gives you everything you would ever want in a festival as a music lover.

You can read the reviews of the music week of last year to catch a glimpse of what it usually looks like. One thing is sure, however; you have missed an event of a lifetime if you miss the Malta Music Week this June.

  • Maltese International Arts Festival


Date: 29th June – 13th July 2019

If you are a lover of art or anything related from anywhere around the world, then you should be headed to the Maltese International Art Festival this season because it has everything to offer from music to theatre, dance, film, opera and of course, art.

The festival covers different venues and spaces with cultural and historical significance allowing visitors to see and experience places they’d ordinarily not have been able to access. Various performances are booked to target different audiences, seeking to cater for all tastes.