Even if you’re a broke student, a prudent nomad or a comfortably wealthy connoisseur of travel, everyone likes great deals and ways to save money while travelling. So, we’ve compiled a quick rundown of the best ways to have a great trip and be kind to your wallet. You’re welcome.

The three main aspects we’ve identified of your trip, other than flights & transportation etc., are the biggest influences of your experience in a city; namely your accommodation, your impression of the place & engagement with local culture, and the nightlife.


There are plenty of accommodation options available to the traveller these days to suit all tastes and desires, but without doubt the best value is always found in hostels. There are a few long established websites for booking hostels and other accommodations which you may be familiar with, such as Hostelworld, Hostelbookers and Airbnb, but it’s always worth keeping your eyes open for new ones.  HostelCulture  makes booking great quality hostels around the world super easy and the new HostelCulture app even gets you 10% discount off of every hostel booking you make; that is a fantastic way to save a pretty penny!

 Free Walking Tours

pub crawl tel aviv

Hacarmel Market in Tel Aviv

Now is the age of the free tour. Joining a professional, friendly local guide to explore the city, discover incredible history and really engage with local culture & life on a free walking tour is an absolutely brilliant way to orientate yourself with a new city but also to get a unique insight and understanding of place. FreeTour.com is a perfect website for booking free tours all around the world and includes general walking tours and theme tours.

Theme tours are an ideal way to explore a particular facet of local culture a little more closely, for example you can discover the amazing world of brewing and craft beers in Dublin or explore the wonderful marvels of Antoni Gaudi & Modernisme in Barcelona or venture into the alternative Berlin.

Pub Crawls

Pub Crawls have long been a great way to dive into the authentic nightlife of a city, meet fellow travellers & locals, and save a small fortune. But with the rise of Pub Crawl popularity around the world there has also been a parallel increase in the amount of Pub Crawl providers, many of whom simply fall short of the mark in terms of quality and experience. Navigating your way online through the plethora of pub crawl options in a given capital can be a daunting task, but thankfully backpackerpubcrawl.com is helping to make life a lot easier in that regard.

The Original Backpacker Pub Crawl was born in Dublin in 2001, while many of you dear readers were just graduating from diapers, making it the longest running Pub Crawl in Europe (if not the world) – so these guys really know what they are doing and what makes an exceptional Pub Crawl today.

Having been voted ‘Best Tour Worldwide’ by HostelWorld customers, the Backpacker Pub Crawl then spread the joy to a few more key European capitals and you can now join them in Budapest, Berlin, Barcelona & Prague. But that’s not all, their website now also includes an ever-growing list of the best Pub Crawls around the world, including ourselves, naturally, where you can see at a glance, from this well-established & trusted source, the best Pub Crawls to join in a whole host of cities worldwide.

pub crawl tel aviv

pub crawl Tel Aviv

That’s it for now dear traveler, we do hope this helps you have a blast on your journey and saves you some money for more drinks.  Enjoy!