Covid – 19 is over (or we just got used to it) and the nightlife scene is back to business. If you know it or not, Tel Aviv is a dynamic city that keeps on changing. People are always looking for the next new thing and that is true for high tech, business, food and obviously nightlife.

The amount of new, cool places that opened in Tel Aviv is incredible and it could be quite hard to know which are the actual good ones and which are just tourist traps so check out our list of the best, new bars in Tel Aviv for 2022:

best bars tel aviv

1) Capella – This amazing lounge bar is located on the 14th floor of an office building, overlooking the entire city. The vibe is quite high-end with a live DJ and a sophisticated cocktail menu. Dress code is very elegant so put on your high heels and enjoy.
Where? HaArba’a 28, Tel Aviv-Yafo

best bars tel aviv

2) 12 – The owners of Jasper – one of the most famous cocktail bars in Tel Aviv, decided to expand and opened a new and exciting place in the Port of Tel Aviv. In “12” you will get the complete experience and the most thought of food, drinks and vibe. They also have a special area for private events, all with the beautiful view of the port.
Where? Tel Aviv Port, hangar 12, Tel Aviv-Yafo

3) Bar Ochel – The carmel market is know as one of the most busy places during the day with a great verity of merchants selling anything from clothing to vegetables, baked goods and street food. In recent times, the market is also coming to life at night with cool bars and restaurants. Bar Ochel (food bar in Hebrew), is exactly one of these chill places to sit and enjoy a refreshing drink alongside some delicious local dish. It’s really worth mentioning that the prices in Bar Ochel are quite fair relatively to other places in town.
Where? Simtat Hacarmel, Tel Aviv-Yafo

best bars tel aviv
One bar

4) One bar – This dark and mysterious bar is the preferred hangout spot for all the real nightlife people of Tel Aviv. Those night owls that don’t show their face until the moon is high and the rest of the “day” people are long asleep.
The peak hours of One bar are after 2am, and accordingly, the vibe is very late night. The One bar is owned by some of the city’s well-known mixologists so there’s a special cocktail menu to match the atmosphere.
Where? Mikve Israel 1, Tel Aviv

Best bars in tel aviv

5) Loullie – Located just a few meters from the white sandy Gordon beach, Loullie is offers the perfect combination of a beach club and a high-end food and drinks establishment.
During the day it is the perfect place to have a drink along side some delicious snack from the kitchen, and during the night, the vibe almost feels like a club. Put on your flowery dresses and Hawaii shirts and go check out the sunset in one Tel Aviv’s loveliest spots.
Where: Gordon Beach, Herbert Samuel promenade.
Where? Hayarkon 121, Tel Aviv-Yafo

The best bars in Tel Aviv